Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses use a kingdom hall for worship. In 1935, the name first suggested by Joseph Franklin Rutherford, then Watch Tower Society president decided to have building in Hawaii. According to Rutherford point of view, these buildings made for spreading Kingdom’s good news. Jehovah’s Witnesses need Kingdom Halls mostly for worshiping according to Bible. Witnesses refer to use word “Kingdom Hall” instead of “church” by noticing that Bible translated “church” which means about a group of people instead of a structure.


Kingdom Halls are ordinary, used to perform worship according to Bible for practical implementation.While Witnesses do not prefer to use signs of their religion, that’s why they are not allowed to display in Kingdom Hall or outside it. All Jehovah’s Witness congregations display the same annual year text, known as a “theme scripture”, prominently within their Kingdom Halls. However, if Hall has overseas language followers so text can display in many other languages. Moreover, Kingdom Hall contains a literature thesis, library, and donation boxes where all publications are stored, distributed/managed, and displayed.

Few Kingdom Halls consists of many auditoriums that enables numerous groups of followers attend meetings concurrently. While, where more several auditoriums are available, every auditorium or the whole framework considered as “Kingdom Hall”. Bigger Assembly Halls, other Rented Arena’s, Convention Centers of Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the stadium/ground used for bigger gatherings or meetups of Jehovah’s Witnesses considered as Large Kingdom Hall. While, if there is also an entertainment venue but if something went wrong according to their religious pattern considered discreditable behavior.

Where to Use?

Worship Meetings:

Followers usually arrange a meetup is respected Kingdom Halls and specified two days from whole week for meetup and worship. These meetups normally started and end with prayer and song. Moreover, the meetups in every week involves huge discussion on public matters like family life, Prophecy, Bible discussions and Christians character and also Bible study. A lot of articles published in The Watchtower Magazine and many publications on Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Prior to engage in door to door administration, Witnesses mostly met in Kingdom Halls in spite of prayer and preparation.


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses offered classes for teaching languages and sign languages. These halls usually used to deliver sessions which is highly recommended to provide service for developed places like the Kingdom Ministry School for elders and ministerial servants or for whole time preachers provide service to Pioneer Service School. Those areas that has low literacy rate, followers arrange to have literacy classes in Kingdom Halls that non-Witnesses can also attend.


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses conduct wedding events of Witness-Christian couples. the respected couple has to deliver request to write followers service committee that supports couple lives in better condition, and live according to Bible rules, and follow Jehovah’s right standards and also give approval for invited members in wedding event (like bridesmaids and groomsmen).

It is not necessary for Witness couples to get married in a Kingdom Hall as opposed to a secular service, and they may choose to get married elsewhere for practical or personal reasons. Mainly, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot use for wedding events or any other social gatherings.


Kingdom Hall enables funerals services to held in case if the deceased was the youngest child from all family members or the elder one that has very clear reputation in his circle or member from followers group. Moreover, deceased family request any male person from followers group to offer funeral services according to Bible instructions. Normally, it depends on local traditions or preferences whether the Kingdom Hall funeral contains the deceased in a casket or not.

Relief from Disasters:

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses involves disaster relief attempts that are mainly channeled by permanent committees for Disaster Reliefs. It occurs under many office branches and discussed at like court in Assembly Halls or Disaster Halls that is extremely close to that practical area where disaster occur.

Religious Building Committees:

Firstly, through branch offices, Jehovah’s Witnesses specified Local Regional Building Committees (RBC) for supervising the construction and maintenance or continuity of their worship places. These committees mostly consist of almost 5 to 7 people that have great experience in trade construction. They desire to coordinate and cooperate with attempts of those people, which give engaging and operational facilities which are financially sustained.

RBCs connect with native followers of Jehovah’s Witnesses looking for renovating or building areas to perform worship by following instructions of the native office branch. These committees help to determine construction area appropriateness, material, and land buying and cooperate in finding workers from that respected area. Regional Building Committee RBC provides members that worked willingly and get no reward for their efforts and work.

A meeting held involves all elders on 31st January 2015 in the US (the United States) through live video calling with the purpose of having to replace or change RBCs regional building committees by branch office for the Construction or Design department while providing the best functional structure.


A scheduled checklist is used by congregation members to maintain Kingdom Halls on a regular basis. The operating committee for the kingdom hall is composed of at least one elder or ministerial servant from each congregation. Donations to a local fund cover Kingdom Hall maintenance costs.