Know Everything About How To Get Pain Free Anal Fistula Treatment In Bangalore

Every part of your body is important and there are many problems that happen with your body. You can be facing a problem which is called an anal fistula, it is an infection between the skin and anus which is similar to a tunnel. There is nothing wrong about getting treatment but you may be confused about a lot of things such as whether or not you have this problem. We will explain all the symptoms and things like what kind of medical treatment and tests you need to get done. Get Pain Free Anal Fistula Treatment in Bangalore from some medical expert for this, you can know more about that from there.

The Symptoms Of This Problem:

This is not a good thing for you. It may cause bigger problems for you, so if you have the following symptoms then you should seek some medical experts help. The symptoms for this include the following,

  • Pain in the rectum, sometimes it feels too much to tolerate.
  • The problem in sitting, it is also known as anal discharge.
  • Bleeding, if you are getting this problem then this is most likely to be this problem.
  • Swelling in the area near the anus, it is a concerning symptom that clarifies whether or not you need to test yourself.

If you are facing any problems like this you should seek some expert help and if it confirms to be the same problem then you need to get Pain Free Anal Fistula Treatment in Bangalore.

You can also identify by having a visual look, it is an infected tunnel between your skin and anus, and they can cause many problems if not treated at the right time. Sometimes it is also visible outside of the skin that surrounds the anus.

The Diagnosis And Tests For The Anal Fistula :

This may not be easy to decide whether or not you have got this problem, a medical expert in these cases can determine this. They will examine the area near the anus or by checking if there is any opening over the skin on not. The doctor will try to examine things such as how deep the infected tunnel goes and the direction where that is going. You may have this issue but this may not be visible to the skin so the doctor may need to do some tests which are as follow,

  • Anoscopy, in this a special type of equipment is used to see the condition in your anus and rectum.
  • An Ultrasound test or MRI provides a better look at those areas without causing the pain.
  • In some tests, the diagnosis is done with the help of anesthesia that may be painful but anesthesia might help to reduce the pain.

There are some other tests such as X-rays, blood tests, and a process in which an instrument is inserted through the anus into the colon which is known as a colonoscopy. You need to consider an experienced professional for these problems, there are many things that will help you with this.

The Causes Of An Anal Fistula:

There can be the following problem because of which you may have a fistula in your anus, some of these are more serious problems than this. A fistula can be an alerting symptom itself so you must know about the following causes of this problem,

  • Crohn’s disease, this is normal for the people with this disease to develop fistula there.
  • Radiation, because of any cancer treatment you might have got a radiation treatment but they can also cause this as a side effect.
  • STD may be a problem because of this as many people know them to be sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Tuberculosis, if you are having this problem then you should also get the checkup done for this bigger problem.
  • Cancer, this can also because of cancer which is more concerning for you.
  • Diverticulitis, it is also a cause, in this disease, the small pouches are created in your intestine and get inflammation.

You have this problem because of these causes, this is a thing that you need to consider because if you don’t Get Pain Free Anal Fistula Treatment in Bangalore then it may turn out to be a bigger problem in the future.


You should know about all of the treatments then you can choose which one do you need,

  • Fistulotomy, it is surgery in which the whole area of the fistula is cut to open and let that heal as a scar. This involves a risk of incontinence so if the risk is too high then the other treatments are preferred.
  • Laser surgery, a small laser beam is used to remove that. It has no major concerns for safety so you can consider having this treatment.
  • Fibrin Glue, it is a nonsurgical way in which the glue is injected over the fistula to let it heal better.
  • Seton is a thread that is inserted into the fistula to keep that open for several weeks.
  • Lift procedure, in this the skin over the fistula is cut to seal that from both ends, and then it is opened so it stays flat.

There are some other surgical procedures that can be recommended by the doctors for the treatment. Many people are afraid of this treatment but they can also Get Pain Free Anal Fistula Treatment in Bangalore.

This is risky to leave that like this it may cause some further problem, such it can grow bigger and cause cancer. There are many causes because of which the problem arises so you should get the checkup done if you see any common symptoms. If you will be early with the surgery then that will help you get the things healed early and also find some other issues. You should consider some experts that can assure you a proper treatment for this. Stay calm there is no need to worry, just talk to an expert to know more about its solution.