Know More about the Wonderful Isle of Wight

2.5 miles off the coast of Hampshire is a gigantic island known as the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight doubles as a country and an Island. It has the second largest number of people in the whole of England. 

The Isle of Wight has numerous holiday destinations with some that have their origin from the Victorian times. The exceptional coastline and countryside are hosts to a variety of activities that keeps the Island alive. A visit to the Island will make you want to visit more often. 

The Island of Wight if vibrant with activities that it is difficult to appreciate every single one of them in one visit. However, there are important places to visit in the Isle of Wight on your first visit. 

You can select from a variety of activities available and personalize your itinerary when visiting the island. Doing this will ensure you enjoy every part of your visit. Besides the mild climate, the view from the coastal line provides a good relaxation for visitors, including children. The island also has special activities for your children. 

Robin Hill is a good starting point to start your visit and give your kids a fun treat. Take a walk around the zoo to spice up your day and have a fun interaction with the animals. If you are a fan of Thomas the engine and friends, you will enjoy a visit to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway on Haven street. Have a first-hand experience of a ride on the vintage locomotive steam engine for an experience of the past. 

Still not feeling excited? I’ll bet you a visit to the Monkey Haven in Newport will leave you with smiles. Most visitors will confess to you that the Monkey Haven is the happiest place in Newport. The popular animal sanctuary hosts a variety of interesting creatures. There, you will find beautiful owls with lovely round eyes, the singing Lar Gibbons, and a host of other animals.

Some fun things to do in the Isle of Wight

Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful countryside and the wild

Give yourself time to assimilate the beauty of the countryside by taking a walk in the countryside. Take your walk a step further by walking the wild to have a personal experience with the jungle and the animals. The jungle hosts a variety of birds and wildlife habitat. It also has a rich history of dinosaur heritage. 

Enjoy stargazing 

The Isle of Wight is one of the best places for those who just want to relax and gaze into the stars. The island boasts of some of the darkest nights in the whole of the UK. You know by now that a dark sky is a perfect condition for stargazing. The uniqueness of the sky is one of the reasons it became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

Enjoy the beach and have fun with friends

There are many beaches along the coastline that you can visit. A visit to the Isle of Wight is not complete without a visit to the beach. Get a good view of the coastline by renting one of the available boats and take a trip offshore. I have been able to cover just a small bit in my article here and there’s of course lot of things to do in Isle of Wight. There are some amazing castles to visit, camping sites and more that you can do.