Kraft Boxes – A Green Replacement of Plastic Packaging

products. That’s why the demand for packaging is humungous and never-ending. There is no problem with such a need, but the real issue is with its disposal. 

Most part of this packaging is composed of plastics and related compounds. Most of it is non-recyclable and non-biodegradable, which creates the problem of its disposal. This waste is either burned or disposed of in designated areas making the height of trash heaps increase every year. Sadly, a lot of it either goes to the oceans or in contact with other wildlife. Not only damaging their ecosystem but also killing a lot of animals annually. 

There are many movements around the world that are educating people about the harms of plastics to the planet. The good thing is that their efforts are not going to waste as many people are trying to avoid plastic packaging. But to do that completely, the brands and consumers need suitable packaging that doesn’t harm the planet.  

Kraft – The Best Packaging Material from the Nature-Friendly Aspect

Kraft is the material that best fits the description of an ideal eco-friendly packaging. It is a packaging material based on chemical pulp, and the best thing about it is that it is eco-friendly in the broadest meaning (discussed later in this article). 

If you think you have not seen Kraft packaging before, the brown pizza boxes are Kraft boxes. The material is not only limited to Pizza packaging but covers a lot of other retail products. Kraft has the potential to replace the existing packaging materials and has even started it on some scale. Many clothing and footwear brands have shifted to Kraft packaging already. The trend is expected to start as a chain reaction with more and more brands shifting to this material. 

There is a common misconception about the material being only suitable for heavy-duty cartons. But that’s not really the case. Kraft material is a highly customizable material that is compatible with a lot of different products. So, you can pack anything you want in it. For instance, custom printed small Kraft boxes can be used for accessories, mugs, and other things. Apart from small items and accessories, you can also pack many other things like clothing or cosmetic items, etc.

Eco-Friendly Qualities of Kraft Material

Kraft material is one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. The material is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, which means all the packaging’s nature-friendly aspects are marked. Another thing is that the material is composed of recycled pulp, to begin with. So, another box tick marked on the list of nature-friendly qualities. 

These boxes are recyclable. You can put them in the recycle bin. The recyclability or ease of recycling of different materials vary. Some materials are hard to recycle, while others are pretty easy. You may have noticed a number printed on different packaging materials showing the difficulty of recycling. If that number is 1 or 2, that means a product is highly recyclable, but if that number is higher, so is the difficulty of recycling. Kraft is a highly recyclable material that does not require a lot of work. 

Besides being recyclable, the material is also biodegradable, which makes these boxes safe for the environment even if they are left out. Biodegradable means a material that breaks down after some time. Unlike plastic, biodegradable materials do not cause a problem after getting in contact with wildlife. 

Kraft boxes are also reusable. These can be used for storing items and for many DIY activities. YouTube is full of videos of easy DIY activities you can do at home. So, there are a lot of ways you can save this material from polluting the environment. 

Customizations and Designs

With Kraft material, usually, the packaging makers go with the “Less is More” approach. Truth be told, Kraft material is not as customizable as plastic or cardboard. The finishing options are limited, and the results of printing are not as vibrant as in the case of white cardboard. But comparing these boxes to cardboard is injustice as these are in a league of their own. 

Besides, even these boxes can be made into literal pieces of art with the less is more approach. There are a lot of other things people can do in this regard, like going with a unique box packaging. They can go with sliders, two-piece boxes, and some other types of boxes. A trendy packaging with some printing can greatly uplift the presentation of packaging. 

In short, Kraft boxes are an excellent packaging that comes with a lot of safe qualities for nature and is presentable at the same time. Therefore, Kraft packaging is a wise choice for all your packaging needs. 

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