Kyle Bailey, Sales Training Expert, Wants to Train Your Sales Team

Training your sales team might be the most critical investment you can make in your small business

Does that surprise you? 

It shouldn’t. 

Sales is the truest measurement of every activity in your business, so training each person on your team to sell better only makes sense Sales Training Expert.

Why hire me? 

Simple: it’s personal. 

You won’t get a junior level trainer guy who’s still wet behind the ears, can’t sell his way out of a paper bag, and just knows a template he has to follow to come in and try to get your sales team through a generic, redundant sales training rehash.


Instead, I down with you first, to understand your needs, worries and changes you’d like to see.

Then, I visit with each sales associate on your team, one-on-one and individually.

Then, as a group (depending on the package you choose), we’ll work together to hammer out a collaborative direction that makes the biggest difference to your business. 

I’ve found that when the people who do the business development have ownership in their own improvement, they pursue it more energetically. No biz dev rep  worth his or her salt responds well to a stranger walking in and telling them how to do their job.  

No, to learn about them and what makes them tick, it has to be done collaboratively. This way, I can better connect them with the ideas they need to drive your value proposition home with your prospects.

Of course you know, once you get a prospect into your sales funnel, that’s golden real estate that should not be wasted.

That’s why my emphasis is twofold: First, the sales team. Then, the sales process. 

You can go it alone. YouTube does exist, and has thousands of “experts” who will tell you to do everything from A to Z, and most of that contradictory. You can make it work, but it involves a lot of time, which is your most precious asset.

My advice? 

Hire a pro; get results. 

My training process goes far beyond the simple transfer of information. I focus your team on the simple, 5 Step Process I’ve honed over my 20 plus years of sales experience. 

This sales system drives measurable improvement in sales force performance by assessing the selling skills, communication between team members and prospects, along with the professional attitude of every individual who participates. 

Only when your business successfully changes the behavior of its people in sales, can it expect to improve its overall sales performance. This simple statement drives my entire process.

(bullet list)

Here are some questions to consider when deciding whether to invest in my sales training system:

Is your business and each sales person an integral part of your clients’ supply chain?

Are your sales people able to effectively minimize or eliminate price as a part of the value equation?

Do the men and women on your sales team understand the tactics necessary in negotiation to effectively “defend your price” with customers?

Is your sales force able to regularly uncover new opportunities to create “preferred position” with prospects?

How well is your small business able to articulate your core value propositions (every business has more than one)?

Does your business development team consistently think strategically? Competitively?

Do your sales pros have developed plans to “freshen up” marginal accounts or renew lost ones?

How would a shorter sales cycle or improved closing rate impact your bottom line?

Is your sales team prepared AND equipped to increase your share of the market?

The most important contribution you can make to the success of your sales organization, every man and woman, is through the development of your people by investing in systematic sales training.

Let’s get started today.