Crypto games and their value in today’s market

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates on a public ledger system called blockchain technology. The first cryptocurrency traditional currencies was introduced in 2009 by the name of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s initial value was around 1 USD, but it is now priced at 20,180.08 USD. This investment is particularly volatile, with its prices changing rapidly nearly every other moment.

It is no secret that crypto has now found its way into nearly every other industry. It is expected that, in the future, a whole monetary system will be formed based on cryptocurrencies. It is also predicted that crypto will make its place in most industries.

However, even at present, crypto has its place in several areas of life. One such instance is its presence in the gaming industry. Crypto has great potential, and gamers are aware of that. Many players have also been making investments in this industry. Although compared to normal games, crypto games do not have as many features. It is still an interesting concept. 

If you are a beginner or have trouble understanding the world of crypto, a good suggestion may be to check out websites and applications like this one here: ​​ These websites will help simplify the trading process and provide you with the support you need when you start this confusing journey. 

If you are unsure if it is worth it to venture into the field of crypto gaming, let us explore the various reasons why you should. 

How does crypto gaming work?

Crypto games and traditional games are not entirely different. You can still use fiat currency to purchase items in the game and use them to collect items or level up your characters, or even access some areas. However, one feature of crypto games that traditional games do not have is that crypto gamers have the option to buy and sell, basically trade-in, the currency that they use in the game. 

Another thing is that unlike most traditional games, which may require you to pay to play, crypto games give you the option to earn as you play. As you make investments in the game through your cryptocurrency, you earn from it like any other investment. 

Some popular games that currently utilise cryptocurrency are Zed Run, Axie Infinity and Alien World. Crypto games usually have their form of cryptocurrency, which people can play with or trade within the game. However, the option to trade across games is not an option yet. 

Are crypto games worthy enough to play?

Exploring crypto games should be a safe bet if you are already a gamer and are good at playing in new game worlds. You do not need to purchase tons of currency from the get-go. Therefore, you get time to see if you like the game you are playing or not. However, it is important to think this decision through because once you invest your money in these games, there’s no going back. Once invested, you cannot take your money back from the game. It is there to stay.

Moreover, the main reason to choose crypto games over traditional games is their earning potential. You can earn what you invest in crypto games, whereas if you invest the same amount in traditional games, you get nothing but the gameplay for your money.

Are crypto games sustainable?

Just like crypto itself, the crypto gaming industry is also showing consistent growth and progress. They are not expected to fade out or go out of trend anytime in the near or far future. 

New technologies have been evolving daily to make gamers’ gameplay experience even better. These technologies could further increase consumers’ earning potential, making them even more attractive for gamer investors. 


In this article, we explored the concept of crypto gaming. Crypto gaming is emerging concept, but has a promising future. This can be a profitable side hustle if you are decent at gaming and know how to choose your investments. Make sure to research adequately so that you can choose the right games. You do not want to be a victim of fraudulent games. Happy earning and playing!