Kyou no Cerberus Ch 1 Review An Introduction to the Supernatural

Kyou no Cerberus, also known as Today’s Cerberus, is a manga series written and illustrated by Ato Sakurai. The story follows the adventures of a high school student named Chiaki who has a rare ability to see supernatural beings. In the first chapter of the series, we are introduced to Chiaki and his three supernatural companions, who make up the three heads of Cerberus. In this article, we will review Kyou no Cerberus Ch 1 and discuss the key elements of the story.

Plot Summary

Kyou no Cerberus Ch 1 begins with Chiaki, who has the ability to see supernatural creatures, being chased by a group of evil spirits. He is saved by a girl named Cerberus, who appears to be a cute and innocent puppy but is actually one of the three heads of the mythological dog, Cerberus. Cerberus explains to Chiaki that he is her “owner” and that she will protect him from all harm.

Later in the story, Chiaki is introduced to two more heads of Cerberus: Roze, who is a beautiful girl with red hair and a short temper, and Shirayuki, a sweet and innocent girl with white hair. Together, the four of them set out to battle evil spirits and protect the city.

Key Themes

Kyou no Cerberus explores several key themes, including the supernatural, friendship, and love. The story is set in a world where supernatural beings exist, and Chiaki’s ability to see them is a rare and valuable gift. The story also focuses on the bonds of friendship between Chiaki and his three companions, who work together to protect the city from evil spirits. Additionally, the story explores the theme of love, as Chiaki begins to develop feelings for one of his companions.

Art and Writing Style

The art and writing style in Kyou no Cerberus Ch 1 are both excellent. Ato Sakurai’s artwork is detailed and vibrant, with a focus on character design and action scenes. The writing is also well-done, with a good balance of humor, action, and drama. The dialogue between the characters is natural and engaging, and the pacing of the story is well-managed.


Q: Is Kyou no Cerberus appropriate for all ages?

A: Kyou no Cerberus is rated T for Teen and contains some violence and mild language. It may not be appropriate for young children.

Q: How many volumes of Kyou no Cerberus are there?

A: Kyou no Cerberus is a completed series with 14 volumes in total.

Q: Where can I read Kyou no Cerberus online?

A: Kyou no Cerberus can be read online through various manga websites and apps, such as MangaPlus and Crunchyroll.


Kyou no Cerberus Ch 1 is an excellent introduction to the world of the supernatural, friendship, and love. The story is well-written and beautifully illustrated, with engaging characters and a compelling plot. Whether you are a fan of manga or just looking for a new series to read, Kyou no Cerberus is definitely worth checking out.