Lecy Goranson Biography, Life, Career, and Net Worth

Lecy Goranson is an American actress who is best known for her portrayal of Becky Conner in the popular sitcom “Roseanne.” She has also appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and stage productions throughout her career. 

Early Life and Education

Lecy Goranson was born on June 22, 1974, in Evanston, Illinois, to Stephen Goranson and Linda Goranson. She grew up in Evanston and attended Evanston Township High School. After high school, she enrolled at Vassar College in New York, where she studied English and Psychology. 

She later transferred to the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, where she graduated with a degree in English Literature.

Career Beginnings

After completing her education, Lecy Goranson moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. She made her acting debut in 1990, in a small role in the movie “Boys on the Side.” 

The following year, she landed her breakout role as Becky Conner in the hit television sitcom “Roseanne.” She played the role for five seasons, from 1988 to 1992.

Career Highlights

After leaving “Roseanne,” Lecy Goranson continued to work in movies, television, and theater. She appeared in several movies, including “How to Make an American Quilt,” “The Extra Man,” and “Labor Day.” 

She also guest-starred in several television shows, such as “Sex and the City,” “Law & Order,” and “Inside Amy Schumer.” In addition, she has performed on stage in various productions, including “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek” and “The Distance From Here.”

Personal Life

Lecy Goranson has managed to keep her personal life private, and there is not much information available about her relationships. However, it is known that she is an advocate for LGBT rights and has been involved in various charity work throughout her career.

Net Worth

Lecy Goranson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Her earnings come primarily from her work as an actress in movies, television shows, and stage productions.

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Awards and Achievements

Although Lecy Goranson has not won any major awards, she has received critical acclaim for her performances. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her role in “Roseanne” in 1991 and 1992. She also received a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work in the television movie “Breast Men” in 1998.

Final Thoughts

Lecy Goranson is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her work on “Roseanne” and her performances in movies and television shows have earned her a dedicated fan base. 

With her advocacy for LGBT rights and charity work, she has also shown that she is a compassionate and caring individual. Overall, Lecy Goranson is a talented actress and a remarkable human being.


Q: What is his most famous role?

A: Her portrayal of Becky Conner in the television sitcom “Roseanne” has made her best known to audiences.

Q: What is net worth?

A: Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Q: What charity work has she been involved in?

A: Throughout her career, she has actively participated in various charitable works, but she hasn’t publicly disclosed specific details.

Q: Has Lecy Goranson won any major awards?

A: Although she hasn’t won any major awards, critics have acclaimed her performances, and award committees have nominated her for several accolades.


Lecy Goranson is a talented and successful actress who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. From her breakout role on “Roseanne” to her appearances in movies, television shows, and theater productions, Lecy Goranson has proven herself to be a versatile and skilled performer. 

Moreover, her advocacy for LGBT rights and her involvement in various charity work show that she is a compassionate and caring individual who uses her platform for good. With her talent and dedication, Lecy Goranson has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and a role model for aspiring actors and individuals alike.