Lewis Raymond Taylor: An Unlikely Success Story

When it comes to success stories, you can find countless examples. But the many impressive types are the ones that seemed impossible, from every perspective, to be one of the ones to make it. Lewis Raymond Taylor is a 29-year-old hustler who comes from the city of London, England. He assisted a large number of people by creating a training training platform called The Coaching Masters. By means of his on the internet platform, he assists people to enhance their training skills. His strategy proposes for persons to free their thoughts of mental poison, that can open up the door to endless options.

Coaching Masters Limited endeavors to greatly help people alongside their route of personal development. It does therefore by training, with the purpose of changing each and every single life for the better. The company also offers accredited programs for persons who want to turn out to be coaches. They currently have over 500+ customers in 47 countries throughout the world, as well as the numbers continue to grow.

As with many good achievers, Lewis’s road to success continues to be paved with hurdles and setbacks and has been definately not a smooth trip. Prior to him acquiring his way to the straight and narrow route and achieving success in training, many wouldn’t normally believe that just five years ago, he was a drug addict, had mental medical issues, and seemed to have no real direction in living.

He’s the son of an alcoholic father, who is not a good or motivating impact in his life. Taylor was furthermore sexually abused as a child. He was not able to stay in the school program, getting expelled from different institutions. He was involved with a life of crime and was arrested on several events because of this.

After serving his third prison term in 2015, he finally found the realization that the way his life was going, had to change as well as the change had to begin with him. He decided to be in charge of where he is at life and ended blaming everyone else for his misfortunes. It was during this time that his life started changing for the better.

Lewis took action and admitted himself into a rehab program for six months, to overcome his drug dependancy. While at the rehab center, they not only treated his dependancy, he also received counseling from psychiatrists and psychotherapists for his mental sickness, that’s where he started doing volunteer work with charitable organizations while under therapy. 

It was during his therapy that he realized that he had an objective. All the encounters and hardships that he had opted through in his life were preparing him to become something much higher. He saw that he could help individuals who were in the same placement as him sufficient reason for his newly obtained knowledge, help people through coaching, to turn their own lives around. Lewis decided to take his interest in coaching significantly and became certified in the field. He started his company using social media, hooking up with people, and assisting them with their personal development.

His coaching company became an enormous success. Within eight months of launching, he was making a six-figure income and he had clients prearranged. His business has carried on to flourish over the two years it’s been in operation. In addition to being the CEO of The Coaching Masters Limited, his successes are the designations of Best-Selling Writer, International Speaker, Senior Accredited Coaching Trainer, and Company Coach.

The success of his coaching company has helped him to build a dream life for himself. He currently calls Bali, Indonesia his home, which he shares with his girlfriend Dayana. He travels the world, spreading his information through motivational speeches and training.

There are many lessons to take away from Lewis’ journey from rock bottom to the heights of success. We are able to learn that sometimes, where we are in life and our situations are not dependant on external factors but within ourselves. Defying the chances and rising from your ashes, Lewis transformed his life by determining to manage his outcome.

He is on a objective to disrupt the training industry and share his message with the masses. By means of training and qualifying fresh online coaches, he has helped many discover their purpose, obtain phenomenal success within their own lives, and also spread that success to others.