Looking to buy plants online? Here are some good choices for new plant owners!

If you are looking to add some new foliage and decoration to your house, you need to find the right flowers to add a pop of color to the inside or outside of your home. Make sure you choose flowers that are easy to manage, require little sunlight or specific environmental conditions, and need only occasional watering. Let’s check out three top choices for beginners who need practice when it comes to taking care of foliage and flowers!  

The top choices for beginner plant owners!

If you are new to taking care of plants, you want three easy plants to take care of to begin your journey as a plant parent. When looking to buy plants online like Plantly, you need three options that are easy to take care of so you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about your plants, flowers, or bushes in your garden or inside of your home. 


Begonias are typically used as a houseplant and can be beautiful when placed in summer beds. With tropical origins, this plant is widely known for its characteristic asymmetrical and patterned leaves and foliage. You can use begonias to add a pop of color to other areas that have solely green plants and weeds, such as garden areas and outdoor spaces.

Begonias typically range from 6-12 inch houseplants to busy plants going up to 5 feet tall, with the begonias needing at least some sun and shade depending on the variety. The bloom time is from early summer until the beginning of winter when frost occurs but can vary depending on if the begonias are grown indoors or outdoors. 

The colors and characteristics of the most popular begonias are wax begonias, tuberous begonias, and angel wing begonias. Wax begonias have shiny and green leaves with 1-inch single or double flowers, whereas tuberous begonias have green or burgundy leaves. 


Peperomia is a unique and beautiful plant that can work well for growing indoors. This type of plant has foliage that is ornamental and aesthetic for growing indoors, with textured or smooth leaves, red or green leaves, and large or tiny shapes. The sun exposure for peperomia is full sun or partial shade, while the soil type is moist but well-drained. Browse different plants when you are looking to buy plants online to choose the specific type of peperomia that works for you! 

Alocasia dragon

Alocasia dragon is a fun indoor plant with characteristic leaves with dark lines. To take care of this plant, you need to keep them away from direct sunlight, keep the soil moist, use a well-draining pot, never fertilize in winter, and use humidity!


As a new plant owner, you need three plants that are easy to take care of and not time-consuming to manage. Instead of having to purchase plants that have specific environments, you can choose three types of plants that only need partial sun or shade, moist soil, and occasional watering. Some of the best three choices for beginner plants include peperomia, alocasia dragon, and begonias.