Lose Weight with Medical Supervision in El Centro After Suffering from an Ailment

Obesity is on the rise in El Centro today, with around 20% of the adult population suffering from major weight problems. This has serious health implications and repercussions that need to be addressed at once. In response to this public health catastrophe, several health centers have been established in El Centro to meet the requirements of people who are suffering from serious health and weight problems.

Dr. Prabhdeep Singh, MD, FACP, puts his years of experience in internal medicine in El Centro, California to good use. He takes satisfaction in offering excellent care to Imperial County men, women, and teenagers. Dr. Singh can diagnose and treat arthritis, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and excessive cholesterol in men, women, and teenagers. He also offers a men’s and women’s El Centro weight reduction management program. The only Ideal Protein approved weight-loss center in Imperial County is Dr. Singh’s office.

Obesity is linked with a series of illnesses known together as metabolic syndrome. Obesity has been the subject of significant research in recent decades, and scientists have found various medical reasons behind weight gain and obesity.

  • Genetic issues are a strong reason for obesity. If parents are obese, then there is a high chance that their kids will gain weight too. 
  • Processed foods contain chemicals and additives that increase their shelf life and your body weight. 
  • Some people have strong food cravings or addictions like sweets after lunch/dinner or late-night snacks. Addiction controls your brain, and it is difficult to get rid of it. 
  • Hypothyroidism slowly increases body weight. People take pills to control it, but it is difficult to lose weight but not impossible. 
  • Diabetes treatment includes insulin injections and medicines. Weight gain is common among those who take insulin. 
  • With age, people become lethargic and less active. This results in a gradual weight increase.
  • Certain steroids are used to treat various ailments like asthma, PTSD, arthritis, etc. However, long-time usage of steroids increases appetite, which further increases body weight. 
  • PCOS is a common condition among women that affects their ovaries. Irregular periods, infertility, and weight gain are some of the symptoms of PCOS. 
  • Fluid retention increases weight as certain parts of the body swell up due to fluid. 

While you may not be able to completely control your body functions, you can learn to regulate eating habits and bring changes to your lifestyle. To avoid becoming a part of the world’s obesity statistics, you should start living a healthy lifestyle.