Marie Avgeropoulos Movies & TV Series- Biography

The noted female actress and Model Marie Avgerlopoulos are from the Canadian entertainment industry. She is well-known because of her attractive personality and outstanding performances in different TV and film programs.

The TV and film industry is about unlimited male and female characters, but very few touch viewers’ hearts. Marie is the one who earns popularity among all groups of people. She is a pretty and attractive female Model that has millions of followers on the social network.

In addition, she worked in numerous popular TV and film programs by giving outstanding performances. Acting is a difficult task, but for Marie, seeing is the opposite. She is a life-living actress and loves to spend most of her time in outdoor activities with friends.

In contrast, she also faces health-related difficulties in her life. Rather than it, she always remains in an evergreen look with a cute smile. And it is the actual name of life. In this topic, we discuss this Canadian female actress in detail. So to know more, keep reading this topic.

About the Marie Avgeropoulos

The renowned female actress and Model of Canadian TV and film entertainment Marie Avgeropoulos age is about 35 years. She was born on 17 June 1986 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canadian. Marie is an actor and model by profession and got popularity from the TV series Science fiction TV arrangement The 100 (2014-2020) as the role of Octavia Blake.

She is from an educated family, and her father’s name is Philip Avgeropolos, and her mother is known as Augusta Avgeropoulos. Marie is a cute, intelligent girl who completes her college study at the Confederation College Thunder Bay, Ontario. Later on, she finished her education at the university which is known as Port Arthur Collegiate Institute.

At the age of 16, she got the skill of playing drums and had full command of it. Moreover, she likes to enjoy life with all its facts.She loves to enjoy most outdoor activities like hunting, camping, fishing, etc., with her friends. On the other hand, she fought against the most dangerous disease tumor when she was 20. Marie underwent surgery, and this procedure affected her voice.Overall she is a super talented actress who performs her role honestly.


Personality is the main factor that supports you in rising, and in the profession of acting, no one can deny its importance. Marie has a beautiful and hot personality that helps rise in the fashion and film industry.

When we look at her body structure, then it has an ideal shape. She has a slim body shape with perfect height and weight. The height of Marie is about 5feet 5inches whereas her weight is 55kg. She looks more beautiful when she wears unique designer dresses.

In addition, she always maintains her fitness and keeps caring about her dressing style. Her hot dressing fashions are popular among many other actresses. Because of her beauty and cute style, she has many followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Marie Avgeropoulos Instagram followers are about 3.1 m, 358 followers, and numerous posts. There is a massive list of fan following that you can see on her social network accounts.

When we look at Marie Avgeropoulos Twitter fans, they are crazy about her work and dressing style. And her fans usually tweet about her looks and about trendy work. She is a supernatural actress who earns popularity among people all over the world.

Acting career

Maries, a famous Canadian actress, and model started her acting journey through her one friend. On a drummer occasion, she is selected for commercials by the director Chris Columbus. He cast Marie in the film I love you, Beth Cooper, which became her first film. So it is her start of an acting career that creates more ways of earning fame.

She worked in numerous movies, TV series, and other shows where she got famous. There is a long list of TV series in which Marie gives miraculous performances. Popular TV dramas are

  • Sorority Wars
  • Supernatural
  • Fringe
  • Human Target
  • Eureka
  • The Guard
  • Harper’s Island
  • Walking the halls
  • The Inbetweeners
  • Cult
  • Smokescreen

These are famous dramas that are included in her acting journey. She also makes a great name by playing super hit roles in many films. The number of films in which Maries gained millions of people’s attention is given below.

  • The lightning thief
  • I love you, Beth Cooper
  • Tracers
  • Hunt to Kill
  • Isolation
  • A remarkable life
  • Dead Rising
  • Wonder women
  • Butterfly in the Typewriter
  • Jiu-jitsu

So above the given list is that films in which Marie performed noted roles and earned fame and lots of money. This is her eye-catching personality and style of acting that leads her to peak level.

Net Worth

She is a famous female Canadian actress and model who works in all high-standard films and tv dramas. She has a bright and gorgeous personality that attracts her fans. Marie Avgeropoulos’s net worth is about 2 Million dollars which is a significant amount.


This brilliant, beautiful actress is still unmarried. In her acting journey, she wants to move on at higher stages. So there is no scene of getting engaged with anybody. But she has boyfriends, and their names are Taylor Lautner, Shawn Roberts, and Quincy Pagliaro.

But she looks involved with an American actor Taylor from the years 2013 to 2015.

Wrap up!

This article is about the well-known actress and model Marie Avgeropoulos, who has Canadian nationality. She is a brilliant actress who worked in countless TV and film shows that became the cause of her popularity among world people. She has a bunch of followers on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her material status is available, and her net worth is about 2million dollars.

We hope you like this actress and the information that is given on this topic.