Deku Izuku Midoriya The “My hero Academia” hero

Izuku Midoriya, the main character of My hero Academia, doesn’t look like a hero. He is also known as Deku. Who has no personality and couldn’t even want to be a hero. But when he meets All Might, his life changes dramatically. And because he has important qualities as a hero. He goes beyond what is said to be impossible one after another. I will introduce in detail the relationship with All Might and Endeavor. Who are essential for My heroAcademia.Also I will share complete details about him features, fight, and personality below.

What is My hero Academia?

The stage of My hero Academia is a world where 80% of human. Beings in the world have a special ability called “Individuality”. By using the ability of individuality, it can be good or evil, so the battle between the two is central. The heroes are those led by All Might. Which is said to be a symbol of peace, and the villains exist as their enemies. Many people aim to be heroes, but only a few of heroes are recognized as professionals.

Yuei High School is the highest high school for those who aim to become a hero. People with top-class personalities from all over the country gathered there, studying to become professional heroes, and repeating simulated battles. The main character. Izuku Midoriya also enter there but by spending time with his classmates who have various personalities. He grow up and fight against villains. If the top of the hero is All Might. The top of the villain is a person who has a connection with the mysterious All Might.

My hero Academia has a lot of battles between villains and heroes. But it’s not that villains are bad on the one hand, And villains also have beliefs and backgrounds. My hero Academia is a story that tells us that good and evil change depending. On how people think and see.

Features of My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya

My hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya, is a weak and unreliable hero with no personality. He also looks sober, his face is full of freckles, he isn’t tall. And his body is slender and looks weak. What makes him look noticeable is that his hairs are green. He is not bad at exercising, and has some motor nerves. Izuku isn’t crazy and is good at thinking and analyzing situations.

Izuku Midoriya, my hero academia, will improve his physical ability and his ability to analyze as he gains experience. He has the ability to overcome crisis situations because he has the best judgment and inspiration to show. Izuku does his best and is sincere and kind to people. That’s why lot of people loves him.

The Personality Of Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia has no personality. He longed for the hero All Might and always wanted to be such a cool hero. However, the result of having his personality diagnosed was a sad result. He was very sad when his mother. Who had been watching him side for a long time, learned of the fact. And was worried that Izuku Midoriya would be ruined as it was.

However, what appeared at that time was the longed-for hero All Might. His classmate Katsuki Bakugo rescues him when was attacked by a villain. But when he sees Izuku Midoriya, who has no personality but is not afraid of his own life. He becomes his successor. I thought about doing it. It’s easy to give. But I’ll tell you that the challenges ahead for that are tough, but Deku decides to inherit the personality of All Might.

The personality inherited by Deku is “One for All”. It is possible to generate a force with explosive destructive power. But the problem was the body could keep up with it or not. For that purpose, it was necessary to strengthen the body and manipulate the force. And Izuku Midoriya did the tasks given by All Might, and also personally trained. While making such efforts, he began to aim for the prestigious hero, Yuei High School.

Growth Of Izuku Midoriya

The great thing about my hero academia, Izuku Midoriya, is that it’s a lump of effort. It’s also because he had the feeling that hecouldn’t give up on being a hero even if he was hit by the reality of innocence. Efforts have been made since he knew that by being entrusted with him personality by All Might. He could become a hero. He said “I do twice as many tasks as I have been given. And even if my body breaks, I give top priority to saving lives without hesitation.”

Deku’s body was also shabby, he also learned the limits of his power. How can he get the most out of his body without damaging it? By thinking about it in your own way and researching it. He will be able to handle it even in actual battles. By mastering “One for All” well, he can now fight against strong enemies as well. And by making the best use of the individuality of his friends, Izuku can broaden his horizons.

Relationship Between My hero Academia Izuku Midoriya and All Might

All Might has passed on to Izuku Midoriya his own personality, “One for All.” That’s because Izuku Midoriya had the pure feeling of “I want to help people” that heroes need. Izuku Midoriya was able to have individuality even without individuality, thanks to All Might. He was able to become a hero like his own dream, All Might.

Deku was able to enroll in Yuei High School after gaining the individuality of “One for All”. But since All Might was also in the same school as a teacher, he was a supporter on the side. He tell Deku about his own experience and was always come to him when he is in a pinch. All Might is his master and, like his father. Who tries to keep an eye on Izuku Midoriya’s growth to the end.