Maxum ski boats

Maxum is a recreational boat manufacturing company under the Brunswick Corporation brand. The company was established in the 1970s that made sure to produce high-quality recreational boats. Maxum is a member of the Brunswick boating group.

The company, however, shut down in the year 2009.

Maxum boats are so popular that even after its discontinuation, there are plenty of demands for it.

Maxum is known for its well-designed solid boats. The boats are able to bear any conditions without a scratch. Maxum boats are so durable because the parts of the boat were developed using software called 3D CAD. This software enables us to create a mock-up of the design in full size to make sure all the parts fit. This also ensures that the parts are able to withstand any conditions.

After all the work is completed in the software, the information is downloaded. The downloaded information is processed into a five-axis robotic router to allow the production of molds. The molds are produced with an accuracy of 1/25,000 of an inch for the actual parts. With such accuracy, every part fits well.

All the Maxum boats are rigid as it has a stiffened grid that is fiberglass-encapsulated and hand-laminated. The hull and the stinger system has key components and fiberglass bonded to create a strong matrix. All of these details enables the Maxum boats to be sleek and stable.

Some of the iconic Maxum ski boats are-

Maxum 1800 SR3 2006:

The Maxum 1800 SR3 2006 boat has a MerCruiser Sterndrive power of 4.3lt 190 hp. The boat runs at a speed of 50mph, which is top-notch.

The length of this boat is 20’1” with a beam of 7’7”.

Maxum 1800 SR3 performs well when it is used for skiing with 35 mph of speed or for wakeboarding at 20mph. With the engines being located at the transom, it allows the hulls to wall up wakes even at slow speed.

Maxum 1800 SR3 is very stable due to the wide chines and deep-vee hulls. Even in terrible conditions such as heavy wind or wavy turbulence, Maxum 1800 SR3 maintains its stability and is able to provide a smooth ride.

The boat is able to stand still and enable a smooth ride even during fast and slow speeds. The boat has a high gunwale that allows it to remain dry and handle rough water.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 106 liters, which is quite big and enough for a full-day of waterskiing.

Maxum 1800 SR3 has a sturdy bimini top, wake tower, and ski tow rings, which is necessary to shade the cockpit and keep it cool on a long hot day. The boat has windscreens that deflect the slipstream and allow proper protection for people in the cockpit section.

The total weight of the 1800 SR3 is 1134 kg and is estimated at $46,390.

Maxum 2000 SR3

Maxum SR3 2000 is an excellent boat for both wakeboarding and waterskiing. It is also ideal for simply cruising in the river.

The Maxum 2000 SR3 was created as a sport boat with a sun pad along the transom and a headrest. The headrest can be lifted to 45 degrees, and it has a removable cushion. The swim platform is wide, which is beneficial in case of gearing up while skiing or boarding. It also has a swim ladder, which is foldable. This makes it easier to board from the water.

The bowrider cockpit is heavily padded and has holders for drinks. The boat has two high top-notch speakers for good music.

There is a ski locker in the middle of the observer and the driver’s seat. There is also a wet locker behind the transom bulkhead. These lockers are very useful when it comes to storing ropes and wet life jackets.

 Maxum 2000 SR3 is a great boat for 4 to 5 people to go on a cruise. The look of this boat is very sporty and sleek.

Maxum 2000 SR3 runs at a power of 300 hp MerCruiser and moves at a speed of 60mph. The hull of the boat is responsive and provides a smooth ride. The boat is 6.2m long with a beam of 2.44m. It has a fuel capacity of 132.5 liters.

Maxum 2400 SC3

Maxum 2400 SC3 is a great gateway for cabin cruisers for beginners.

It is the perfect size and has enough power to woo an entry-level water-skier.

The boat is designed based on watersports and interaction with water. The interior is subtle. It has a V-berth, which is cushioned, and it has a storage area underneath it. It has side shelves with storage space and twin speakers for music. The length of this fighter boat is 23’11” with a draft of 1’8”.

Maxum 2400 SC3 weighs 4,595 pounds.

It has a fuel capacity of up to 70 gallons.

The maximum power of this boat is 280 hp.

The top speed of Maxum 2400 SC3 is 49.2 mph.

 Maxum ski boats were discontinued by the company in 2009, yet the demand for its ski boats is still the same. With high-quality ski boats, people still love and yearn for Maxum boats.

The performance of Maxum boats has always been top-notch, and it has managed to remain boat lovers’ ideal ski boat.

With the use of high-quality materials and designed to provide a smooth ride, Maxum ski boats always outshine other ski boats. It is able to withstand any harsh conditions with ease.

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