MDCAT English Language Syllabus for 2021

Would you believe that all the time students who want to pursue their carrier in Medical field search a lot for the MDCAT syllabus and to be honest it is actually one of the important to-do tasks to perform if you want to jump right in the preparation of the MDCAT study.

MDCAT is one of the tests which is necessary to attempt and pass in order if you want to join the medical degrees like BDS and MBBS. The MDCAT is taken by National PMC and it used to be conducted by UHS in the past but not now!

Let’s get straight in to the topic and let me mention all the topics which are part of the English syllabus of MDCAT 2021 so that you can prepare yourself for it.

Topics of English for MDCAT

There will be 20 questions of the English in the test and necessary to mention that there won’t be any negative marking so you don’t have to worry about that. These are in the syllabus:

  • Objective Benchmark Content
  • High and Low frequency
  • Use correct subject word
  • Vocabularies

These are the main points on which you have to work hard and make sure to practice all vocabularies either daily use or synonyms of it.

There is also another part of it which is the demonstration of the topic. In this they will give you a title and you have to write about it and in technical words demonstrate it in a positive way or negative way, depending on the topic!

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