Migrate Your Family To Australia in 2023!

Moving to Australia can indeed be fun and exotic for families with newer experiences awaiting their arrival. So how does one bring their family into the country, and what are their options? Check out the Family Visa Australia 2023 norms overview below to see how to settle family members permanently in Australia!

Who Can Get An Australian Family Visa?

The Australian Embassy has provisions under the Family Visa program for its structured residents that desire to invite their family member(s). Using the Visa application process, residents and individuals can bring their parents, partner or spouse, children and relatives to Australia.

Any best immigration agent in Brisbane can help teach the best practices to get their family to Australia. But, it must be noted that the Family Visa Program is not available for everyone.

Only the eligible and permanent residents of Australia and eligible New Zealand residents can participate in the program to invite their family members over to the continent. With that said, check out all the available options under the Family Visa Australia 2023 program!

Types of Australian Family Visas

The Family Visa program by the Australian Government openly allows applicants to settle in the county. But, such visas require the eligible resident or citizen of Australia and New Zealand to sponsor their family member. Hence, the following types of visas are provided to the respective entities sponsored by the citizen:

  • Parent Visa
  • Partner or Spouse Visa
  • Relative Visa
  • Children Visa

Parent Visa

It is among the most commonly sought type of Family visas where an eligible New Zealand or Australian citizen can sponsor their parent(s). According to the Australian Embassy Norms, the definition of a parent can be the following:

  • Legal Parent
  • Biological Parent
  • Adoptive Parent
  • Step-Parent

Additionally, the eligible citizen can also sponsor their parent-in-law to apply for a Family Visa. Approaching any best immigration agent Brisbane can also help the citizen to become familiar with the process and requirements.

It must be noted that some parent visas also provide temporary or permanent stay despite not meeting the definitions above.

Partner or Spouse Visa

Permanent Citizens of Australia and eligible New Zealand citizens can also sponsor their Partner or Spouse to live with them. However, subclasses for such visas offer both temporary and permanent residentship.

The Partner Visa 801 offers permanent residency in Australia to the spouse or partner. Until the completion of the processing of such applications, the Partner Visa 820 is granted to the applicant. The latter type of visa offers a temporary stay and holds a smidgen more requirements under its eligibility criteria.

Those requirements include meeting character and health requirements besides not having a cancelled visa or a refused application. Interested entities can further look up more information on the Australian Embassy website to learn about other eligibility criteria.

Relative Visa

Such visas are granted to eligible or sponsoring citizens’ close relatives, but some criteria need further adherence. For instance, the applicant must be over the age of 66 years and must be legally and financially dependent on the eligible citizen/sponsor. Likewise, there are a few more requirements that anyone can learn about by contacting the nearest immigration agent for help.

Children Visa

The Children Visa is granted under the Family Visa category to the sponsoring parent’s kids, who must be eligible citizens with Permanent Residence status. The Australian Embassy describes the following type of entities to be eligible for children visas:

  • Biological Child
  • Adopted Child
  • Step Child

Along with completing the process of sponsoring the child, the parent must note that the child should additionally meet other requirements. Like, the child should not be over the age of 25, and if he/she is above the age of 18, the child must be a full-time student and wholly dependent on the parent.

Sponsoring parents will also need to consider allowing the child to complete their education after arriving in Australia. In such cases, enrolling their child in a local school or a Brisbane PTE Study Centre could be helpful.

Important Note On Australian Family Visa Subclasses

Typically the Australian Family Visa subclasses are divided into two main categories, i.e., permanent visa and temporary visa. However, the different types of visa applications, like the Aged Parent Visa 804, Last Remaining Relative Visa 115, etc., can also belong within the Family Visa subclass categories.

Please note that in some cases, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) may require extra information or documentary evidence to process the visa application. Furthermore, the processing times for each of the subclasses under Family Visa are different for each type of application. For some applications, it can take up to 26 months or longer to process the application.

Therefore, contacting an Immigration Agent or inquiring with the Australian Embassy can be useful for meeting any immediate sponsorship needs.

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