Must-Know Tips for Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is everything. And especially in times like these where lacking in this area not only puts you at risk, but those around you too. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted just how many people don’t practise good hygiene, especially when it comes to washing our hands and being aware of how our own levels of personal hygiene affect others.

Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of your personal hygiene, from keeping on top of your routines to getting the right products for hygiene

Wash regularly 

Washing your body is crucial to maintaining personal hygiene. And not just so you can smell good. Our skin is constantly producing new cells, and if you don’t wash away those dead skin cells, you can cause your skin’s pores to be clogged. If left too long, not washing properly can actually cause you to become ill. 

So washing once a day if possible is best, but at least once every other day. Any germs or bacteria that get on your skin can be washed away and have way less chance of getting into your body.

Hand hygiene is crucial

Our hands are one of the heaviest contact areas on our bodies, which is why hand hygiene is so important. We’re constantly touching a wide range of objects, and then in turn end up touching our faces a lot. This can transfer any germs or bacteria into our mouths, and then cause illness or infection. 

Especially in the context of the world today, washing your hands regularly is crucial to help limit the spread of disease and infection. Be extra cautious when you’re coming into the house from being anywhere outside.

Your dentist is right

We’re always told to brush our teeth twice daily and use floss, and many of us don’t actually get round to it. By the time we get through the busy day, sometimes we’d rather stay cosy in bed than brush our teeth again. But studies show that our dentists actually have a point! Brushing twice daily is actually the bare minimum we should be doing, and brushing after every meal is actually the best way to take care of our oral health.

Brushing washes away bacteria and maintains your mouth’s protection against tooth damage and infection.

Keep hygiene products on hand

It’s also important to keep yourself clean on the go too. Keeping hygiene products in your bag or car is a great way to make sure you’re safe wherever you are. From antibacterial wipes to hand gel, it pays to have hygiene products on hand. If anything happens and you need to clean up, you’ll be prepared. 

Start a skincare routine 

Taking care of your body also means taking care of your face. Starting a skincare routine is a great way to cleanse dirt and germs off of your face and keep your skin soft and healthy. The general rule of thumb is to cleanse, treat and moisturise your face using your favourite skin care products. This helps to maintain general health and hygiene.