Nature & Wildlife Tours in Yucatan: Students Guide by Karl Bowman

Traveling when you are a student is an exceptional opportunity. It is interesting how you absorb the information while they are still young and haven’t seen much yet. The time when you are very passionate about life, have grand plans for the future, and want to have it all. One of the popular and fascinating places to visit for students in Mexico, especially for students from the United States and Canada. There are rumors about the popular spring breaks students are having here and what they do. But if we are not talking about the parties, what is it that attracts young folks to come to Mexico, what is it here to see? The mysterious and exotic nature will be something to discuss. 

Exploring Yucatan

If we talk about Mexico as a travel destination, there is one certain region that comes to mind – Yucatan. It is a northern state of Mexico that is popular with its historical background and magnificent wildlife. It has also been popular with tourists considering the fact that it is the safest state in the country. If we go back to nature in this place, it is complicated to decide which one to start with. The one that is significant and almost doesn’t exist anywhere in the world are the cenotes. There are rare holes in the mountain that have a water source underneath them and are formatted in a solitary natural water pool. There is an exclusive chance to swim in those and feel like the Maya civilization for a second since they used cenotes on a daily basis. In addition to beautiful nature, there is a discrete amount of invasive species in Yucatan. Many students who study biology or have it as one of their classes tend to come here for their own research and there are more invasive species essays to choose from and compare with the real-life experience. It is unbelievable to see all these with your own eyes, and maybe complete the homework with something you actually saw, walked through, and even touched. 

Free A Man Standing in the Middle of the Cave Surrounded with Water Stock Photo

Most popular tours for students 

Diving with sharks. Diving with the white, whale and bull sharks is an exceptional activity in Yucatan. There is an option for diving in a closed cage, or, for more extreme adventures, free diving in an open ocean is also possible. It is hard to imagine that many adults would go for such activities during the beach vacation, this is why most of the profits and orders they receive specifically from students coming here for a break. Isla Mujeres is one of the places which is most popular with sharks and is probably one of the safest here. 

Whale watching safari. This particular activity is more suitable for all generations. It is definitely safer than the one above and only involves coming in the open ocean with a middle-sized boat and looking for whales. The most popular activity is in the time when whales are mating and doing their “dances” in the water which is magnificent to watch. Most common places to see whales are Magdalena Bay, where gray whales come occasionally to give birth in chilly water. As well as Baja California, this place is filled with various whales like humpback whales, gray-blue, and finback whales, because it is rich with plankton which is the whale’s favorite food. 

Butterfly tours. The tour that may seem a little boring, however, is exceptional. There is no place on the planet Earth with such a variety of butterfly species as here. Various colors, sizes, and types of butterflies live here and are showing their beauty to those who want to see them. It is odd that many of those species are in danger and might soon not exist anymore. This is another reason to go see them and also take care of Mother Nature. 

Espiritu Santo tours. This is a separate biosphere reserve. Its exceptional location creates breathtaking views, you could come here with a little boat, kayaking to get the most of it. By going there, there is a rare chance not only to see hundreds of different kinds of tropical fish but also birds, sea lions, and turtles. The place which you must see at least once in a lifetime to feel like a true creature of nature. 

In conclusion, we must travel. Traveling is something that makes us better people, what makes us see the new world, the new households. And when can you do it better if not during college or university. You are already pretty independent from your parents but still did not get all these layers of responsibility on you. Travel while you can make the most of it and enjoy every second. Yucatan is as truly unique as anywhere in the world and is for sure worth seeing. The authentic history and almost untouched wildlife is something to be stunned about. Mexico is waiting for you!