Naya Pakistan Independence day 2019

August is just around the corner and the celebrations of Independence Day will soon begin. With green and white streets and flags everywhere. There is patriotism all around us, it can be felt in the air. All thanks to industrialization several brands broadcast special ads in honour of our independence, put up special independence day sale 2019, and TV channels display dramas and telefilms that include added twist of nationalism. Visit The Warehouse for cool stuff to buy online.

With the formation of ‘Naya Pakistan’ falling around the exact time as the creation of the old one Pakistan, perhaps the following year and this one is extra special displaying our love of affection for our country. This day we promote national unity and come together to show the world how much Pakistan means to us and that we are grateful to have a country of our own.

The morning begins with national anthems and national songs being played on the TV and special morning programs in honour of our homeland the creators who gave in their entire life only to bring Pakistan into existence. It is celebrated with patriotic zest all over Pakistan. There are stalls put up everywhere selling Pakistan flags, badges, and even Pakistan children’s clothes.

At dawn, Pakistan’s national flag is hosted in public, private buildings, and historic monuments. The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan visit Mazar-e-Quaid and Iqbal to honour their struggles. Even the Parliament house is decorated in green lights with the national flag flying high above. Later government officials address the nation to congratulate them and talk about the significance of the day. Furthermore, the firework show is display on the night of this day. Guards are changed at national monuments like Mazar-e-Quaid and the mausoleum of Muhammad Iqbal.  

We simply cannot deny the meaning of patriotism if we have a profound love for our native country Pakistan. For overseas Pakistani 14th August must be a tough day since overtime a lot has changed in Pakistan and our country is on the road to success, with new things coming, new government forming they do miss a lot of festivities of Independence Day. 14th August is a holiday that’s not treated like any other holiday rather celebrates since this is a day we got our Independence from the infamous British rule. We have a lot to be thankful for. The events that led to the creation of our beloved homeland, Pakistan should not be forgotten. We should remind ourselves of all the events and sacrifices our ancestors had to make. The struggles our forefathers went through to form Pakistan. Undeniably, there have been unforgettable losses, with the tremendous terror attacks that struck this country every now and then things appeared pretty gloomy, but it the resilient nation of Pakistan that never gives up. 

We should celebrate 14th August with our friends, families, and people who we love as enthusiastically as possible. Because this is our homeland, our country, and we love it Pakistan Zindabad!