Paradox Group overcomes challenges in digital ad campaign world

How one agency is quickly growing by slowly building trust

Acquiring more clients through digital ad campaigns is easier said than done. In a niche that is fairly new, it’s hard  for companies to gain a client base through online mediums on their own. But an innovative digital advertising agency is stepping up to the plate to help guide companies in this new advertising world.

Confronting challenges in a new industry

In a new industry, a real challenge is making your own path. Digital advertising is still a fairly new concept. So when Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham launched the Paradox Group in January 2019, they had their work cut out for them. They knew they’d have to develop a quality user experience for clients from scratch. They also had to build trust in this new industry and show that it can be useful for growth.

Creative Director Milo McCloud and Finance Director Paul Burnham are confronting these challenges head on. The pair has to keep in mind that the current market is still relatively young. The industry has already gone through many cycles, so one way they’re sticking to a strategy is by building and scaling companies through both bullish and bearish markets.

Special skills help founders pave the way and build trust

Something that the founders have on their side is a unique skill set between the two of them that other agencies lack. Milo brings a background in design that has helped Paradox bring a modern and minimalist user experience into the industry. Paul has a strong expertise in finance, which helps him understand the financial growth his clients are wanting to achieve. He also understands the questions they have and the need to see progress on paper.

Together, they are providing clients with the digital ad campaigns they need, and also building trust in their product. The two have built a fully functional marketplace for advertisements, where clients can purchase advertising space. But most importantly, clients can track the campaign’s performance for themselves using their own personal dashboard.

Through these offerings, Milo and Paul have slowly been able to build trust amongst the community of both publications and advertisers. By establishing partnerships with leading publications and investing heavily into the awareness of Paradox itself, the two are making a name for themselves. Partnering with Brave Browser, Quora, Opera and many more, Paradox has been able to target users that may not have access to other platforms. Expanding their publishing network for clients allows them to cover a multitude of industries, which stabilizes the revenue for both clients and for Paradox.

Advice for future entrepreneurs: Don’t give up at the first hurdle

The great thing about a relatively new industry is that there’s room for more entrepreneurs and their ideas. Paradox founders recommend learning as much as you can before diving in, and being patient.

“Speak to as many people as possible in the industry. Go to as many talks, conferences, and events as possible to learn more about the industry, as there are so many avenues to go down,” the founders said. “Be patient and use a cross dimensional approach to new business. Not everyone is going to see your email but they may see your LinkedIn message. Don’t give up at the first hurdle.”

They say every euro counts and you learn how to make every euro go further. For more information on the Paradox Group and how they can help your business through digital ad campaigns, visit their website here