Precautions to Help Cut Down Chances of a Miscarriage

Having a miscarriage can create a turning point in your life, especially if the issue happens repeatedly. Fortunately, newer ways exist to help you avoid pregnancy complications that put your unborn child at risk. Finding an expert of miscarriage in Newport Beach can help you achieve the dream of holding a bundle of joy in your hands. With an expert, you get full attention during your pregnancy to reduce the chances of a miscarriage.

What is the reason for having a miscarriage?

A significant number of women have had a miscarriage at some point in their lives. Currently, 10-20% of all women have had to contend with the issue in their lives, everyday putting up with the mental complication the issue can cause. Miscarriages come from various issues, and what you should understand is that normal activities such as sexual intercourse and working do not lead to one. Most miscarriages come from complex natural issues that you can never control. Your body has its mechanism to ensure your baby is safe; however, these mechanisms can break down, making you lose your baby. OC Fertility® influences these mechanisms to make sure you have the best chance of a safe pregnancy. One notable thing in many miscarriages is the lack of a chromosome in the embryo or having extra ones not needed for safe pregnancies. Other issues that can make you lose your pregnancy include the following:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Blighted Ovum
  • Molar pregnancy
  • Issues with your uterus

Additionally, women approaching menopause have an increased susceptibility to miscarriages. Therefore, if you want to have a child in your late stages of fertility, have frequent appointments with your doctor to prevent miscarriages or any other complications.

What can you do to avoid a miscarriage?

Unfortunately, no home routines exist to help you protect your child from a miscarriage. However, with a partnership with OC Fertility®, you have a higher chance of a safe pregnancy. Special services such as pre-pregnancy clinics can help determine the risk of losing your child. Additionally, women with a history of miscarriages should have a pregnancy planning session to help determine the reason for their problems and solutions that can help protect their children.

You can also consider other means of having your child safely. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure can help detect any issues with the embryo before implanting it in your system, increasing your chances of a safe pregnancy many times over.

What is there to know about miscarriage pregnancy monitoring?

Research has shown that miscarriages occur mostly in the first weeks of pregnancy. Taking advantage of these facts, OC Fertility® offers trimester-based screening to help you pass through the first 12 weeks with your pregnancy still intact. The support given checks for any signs of complication and finds ways to deal with them before they lead to a miscarriage.

Improve your chances of having a child with fertilization services from OC Fertility®. Whether it is an IVF or monitoring procedures, the center has you covered. Begin your journey to motherhood by reaching the center via its website or call the center for help.