Professional Implant and General Dentistry Services in Ohio

Dental care is vital for your overall wellness. Are you okay with the appearance of your smile? If not, there is no need to be shy as you can yet attain the smile you desire with modern, effective treatments. Hilliard implant dentist James Butler continues to improve smiles and oral health at his practice. Contact Innovative Dental Ideas for efficient dental solutions you can trust.

About Dr. Butler

James Butler, DMD, an implant and general dentist, doubles up as the founder and president of Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio. Dr. Butler attained his dental degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky, graduating with top honors in periodontics, orthodontics, and clinical dentistry. He completed a three-year residency program at Ohio State University, training in dental implants and maxillofacial surgery.

His other credentials include being a graduate of The Business School for Dentists at The Schuster Center and receiving the National Emissary Leadership Award in 1995. Dr. James is an active fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the World Clinical Laser Institute.

At his practice, Dr. Butler is a pioneer of modern, non-invasive, and cost-effective mini-implant systems. Over his two decades in private practice, he has developed an unparalleled prowess in numerous implant systems, making him one of Ohio’s most decorated dentists for dental implants and complex dental makeovers.

IN 2006, the doctor initiated Innovative Dental Implants Laboratory, LLC, to further his consultation, research, teaching, and charity work. He is approved to train other dentists in the best applications of mini implants and espouses.

Available Services

Dr. Butler and his team offer numerous oral solutions at Innovative Dental Ideas. Their list of quality services includes:

·       Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist- You deserve to look as good as you feel. To that end, innovative Dental Ideas professionals offer numerous superior cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact Dr. Butler and the team to receive a sparkling smile of your dreams.

·       Teeth Whitening Specialist- Seeking to add a little shine or sparkle to your teeth? Thanks to medical advancements, you can enhance your teeth to a whiter shade. Contact Innovative Dental Ideas for a professional-grade teeth whitening treatment for a radiant smile.

·       Crowns Specialist- Crowns aim to restore, replace, and reinforce damaged teeth. At Innovative Dental Ideas, Dr. Butler and his expert panel offer proven safe crowns to patients. Contact them today to improve your smile with a crown.

·       Veneers Specialist- Veneers is a quick, secure, and simple alternative to upgrade your smile instantly. If you consider this treatment for your aesthetic goals, contact Innovative Dental Ideas for professional veneers and a smile you can flaunt.

·       Dental Implants Specialist- With a beautiful smile, you get a confidence boost and better oral health. For missing or damaged teeth, natural-looking dental implants can be an adequate replacement for dentures and bridges. 

·       X-Rays Specialist- X-rays assist your provider in diagnosing and addressing dental complications that are hidden from the naked eye. At Innovative Dental Ideas, Dr. James applies cutting-edge cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans and digital x-rays to give you a precise diagnosis and treatment.

Do not wait any longer when you can achieve the smile that pleases you with minimal fuss. Contact Innovative Dental Ideas to have your needs met by a competent trailblazer. Call the offices or schedule online today.