Pros and cons of living in South Carolina

There are many great things to note about South Carolina, but like everything, cons do come into play. So if you’re thinking of making the move to anywhere in South Carolina be sure to at least skim through this little list of pros and cons. This will allow you to see if the move is for you or not. So just below I’m gonna start with the pros


Excellent healthcare 

This is a great thing to have available to you, no matter what age you are. South carolina is one of the top states so you’ll be in great hands 

No hoa homes 

Homes for sale in little river sc with no hoa. No hoa usually will mean less bills and work for you which is great, myrtle beach homes for sale no hoa are not too hard to find if you know how to look. little river inn condos little river sc are a very reliable choice if you want no hoa

The Weather ain’t bad 

With most areas in south carolina offering you over 200 days of sun each year, it is for sure a great place if you don’t enjoy the cold and hard winters. Yes it’s not too sunny and warm in winter but its mild, which is better than nothing if you ask me 

You’ll never get bored 

With many places to practice so many activities like – Golf, Surfing, Swimming and boating. That’s obviously not all, if you go to the coast you’ll find out that you can do any kind of water activities that you or children want 

The old saying, Southern hospitality 

Yeah, yeah. Im sure youve heard it all before, but South Carolina really has lost its old repetition of being so friendly to visitors 

Low Taxes, high quality of life

The state also has some of the lowest property and gas taxes in the country, meaning you can save a lot of money in the long term 

Job opportunities 

Whether you work in the tourism industry or medical field, South Carolina has plenty of job opportunities available to all kinds of people who decide to make the move


Hurricanes are kind of a thing 

Yeah you guessed it, if you already live in the USA you know that the south is just susceptible to beautiful sun but it always seems to get the worst extreme weather. Flooding is also another fairly serious problem you may have to deal with time to time

You’ll have to deal with an abundance of creepy crawlies 

If you’re not a big fan of insects (which I’m sure most of us are not) Maybe South Carolina isn’t the place for you. Having a large range of insects like many species of spiders, fire , flies and mosquitos can be a huge annoyance for anyone 

To conclude 

It’s all relative i guess, so look at the pros, look at the cons and make the decision for yourself