Recommendations to Convert B2C into B2B Wholesale Platform

When you are planning to start a business there are many things that you have to keep in mind and have to prepare in advance so that you don’t face any difficulty before, during and after your business has taken off. But when you feel the need to totally change the business to another then you have to make various arrangements to do so.

When B2C wholesale dealers want to convert to B2B Wholesale Platform then they have to, first of all, understand the difference between the two types of platforms. Then follow some recommendations so that they can convert from the B2C to B2B wholesale. 

Difference between B2C and B2B Wholesale Platform:

A lot of people are of the belief that the two types of wholesale platforms operate in the same way. But they don’t know that there are many differences that must be recognized before you think of converting.

Handling the Business:

One can very well understand that a big difference between B2C and B2B is the type of businesses both do. B2C handles business with ordinary customers who are buyers not related to any company or organization. On the other hand, B2B exclusively trade with registered and established businesses and firms. 

Time Duration is not the same:

The process of dealings in B2B is lengthy because two companies have their own policies and terms and conditions. The other businesses have to respect that along with this the process of payment is different and it takes time. But B2C purchase takes a day to complete the course of action.

The Number of Items Purchased:

It may happen that the customers at B2C purchase a large number of items but that is very rare. On a daily basis, B2C customers purchase 10-20 products which are the limit of many platforms. But the B2B clients are not bound by the number of maximum items to buy. They can purchase as many items as they can but the minimum quantity can be limited to 100 products.

Client Relationship is distinguished:

B2C customers purchase the items from this kind of platform once, twice or thrice; not more than that so the duration of affiliation is very short. But when clients associate themselves with B2B platforms; the bond is long lasting because they have to make purchases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Grounds of Decision Making:

The decision of buying items through B2C is based on emotions, desires and wishes of the customers. But when two businesses want to buy from each other; they don’t buy the items out of their own personal needs or passion but they decision making is based on rational and the requirements of the company.

Contrasting Prices Offered:

Although all prices on the two wholesale platforms are reduced or at the company rate; but the cost is much lesser in B2B as compared to B2C. Plus, there are many discounts and special offers that are given to businesses to improve the relationship between the platform and companies. 

Recommendations to Convert:

If you are transferring your B2C platform to B2B and are in search of a podium to do so then Order Circle can be a good option for you to look into. It not only provides a platform but also gives many recommendations on how to put together things and set priorities accordingly.

Focal Points on the Basics:

The basics of B2B are the same as B2C but the clients change from single customers to large businesses and companies. You have to focus on developing SEO, providing good quality of services to the clients, advertizing and marketing and most importantly to enhance the experience of shopping; but all must be done keeping in mind the B2B.

Develop Good Client Relationships:

In B2C you don’t have to worry if any customer leaves your wholesale platform because there always is another who will be willing to buy from you. But if you want to have a successful B2B online wholesale platform then it is crucial that the clients don’t ever leave. You have to develop a good relationship with the clients.

Create an E-commerce Website:

If you have an e-commerce website then that is an advantage for you as you can make changes in it to transfer B2C to B2B. But it is essential that you have a website for B2B because businesses are attracted to those platforms that are in-sync with the latest technologies.

Introduce Integration Feature:

Companies feel more confident and comfortable to promote their businesses on platforms that ensure them many special features. These companies want to have the information shared of other organizations shared with them. So a feature of sharing data through different channels is a must have.  

Automation of the Whole Process:

The very first purchase done at either B2C or B2B is manually but companies don’t want to do the same procedure again and again without push-button. It is crucial that you have the whole process of purchases and dealings done through automation feature.

Prepare for Massive Transfer: 

B2B Wholesale platform is not a child’s play; it requires a lot of things to look out for. You have to be prepared financially as well as concerning the labor. But the initial point to consider is whether you are mentally ready to take the big step. Only after that decision, you have to start the transfer.

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