Remarkable Skills You Can Gain With an English Major

When it comes to picking a career, we are all cautious. There is immense research, time, and resources poured into getting the job you want. Believe it or not, stem careers are still prevalent among people these days. Nonetheless, you can also have a promising career if you are an English major. Jobs of today are no more about how well you did in school. Your grades don’t impress employers anymore. They want to know what you can bring to their company. Fortunately, as an English major, you will learn numerous skills. Having these skills will make you successful both in the professional and the social world. Through this article, we will inform you of what you gain as an English major. It will keep you from second-guessing your degree. So, here’s how going for an English major transforms you:

1. Analytical Skills

English majors don’t just read the text but analyze it. No matter what literature you pick up, either novels or medical textbooks. They comprehend, gauge the author’s intentions, and try to decipher why the author wrote this. Analyzing is essential for different parts of your life. Whether you need to pay medical bills or pursue a career such as Journalism, you need to know what the writer is trying to say and how to make sense of it. Fortunately, the internet makes acquiring education in various subjects under this umbrella term easy. You can quickly pursue an English degree online to harness your analytical skills and become an asset not just to yourself but to whatever profession you wish to pursue. 

2. Creativity

Creativity is essential for every sector. You must have noticed how advertisements and products have a creative element to them in your everyday life. The more out-of-the-box a product is, the greater it has a chance of selling. As an English major, you probably spent most of your student life developing a unique perspective. It is because most English majors are encouraged to be creative and keep away from mimicking other writers. So, having a creative mindset is almost second nature to you. It works in your favor since most companies need applicants who can bring an innovative edge to their companies. 

3. Critical Thinking

Everyone can think, but only a few can piece the puzzles together and understand the whole picture. As an English major, you are used to thinking critically about different situations. It is because your curriculum covers texts that need you to consider their historical significance, audience, genre, and background. When you’re able to deduce a situation from every angle, it helps you immensely. Suppose you are working as a marketer. It is easy for you to understand your company’s demographic and figure out ways to entice them to work with you. 

4. Confidence

Most English majors come across as confident individuals. A big part of pursuing an English degree is defending your thesis and having discussions within the classroom. Building and crafting an argument takes skills, but it takes even greater skills to say them aloud. Therefore, no matter what sector you go for, you will have no trouble talking to people. It wouldn’t matter whether the people you need to speak to are CEOs or major clients you need to bring on board. You know how to communicate with everyone with optimum confidence. 

5. Editing 

When writing proposals, documents, or drafting a report, you need to know how to edit. Editing isn’t just about removing errors; it is also about making the manuscript concise and easy to understand. You don’t want to spend 200 words writing a draft that you could easily cover in 50 words. Unless you know how to read and write both edits, you may have trouble understanding what your clients or the company expects you to do. You can jeopardize your career in a professional setting if you send in a poorly edited email misconstruing what your clients expect within your company. 

6. Handling Criticism

Criticism is essential for growth. However, while some criticism may be easy to handle, some may take a toll on you. Most English majors are used to managing criticism since their professors never hold back in discussing your paper or pointing out where your argument falls short. When you’re used to getting critiqued, you develop this skill too. So not only do you know how to handle criticism, but you also know how to critique others. It is helpful in many professions, especially those that are all about content creation. Criticism allows employees to see where their work is falling apart and what needs more improvement before it is available to the public. 

7. Work an Interview

Giving an interview takes skills. That is because, in a concise time frame, you are supposed to convince your potential employers why you are a great addition. To make this happen, you need to be articulate, concise, and know when to interject your robust features. English majors are great at interviews. It is because most of them are highly fluent when conversing. Fluency helps you establish a train of thought. You know what point should come after your initial statement. You also know when the environment could use a touch of humor to brighten the mood. When you have a way with words, you have no trouble convincing people that you know your stuff. 

Wrap Up

English majors possess some of the most critical skills. These skills make them stand out in both their professional life but also in their personal lives. They know how to analyze text to make sense of what the writer is talking about. Most are exceptionally creative with the right amount of confidence to make it happen. English majors know how to think critically about a situation and present their views accordingly. However, when the going gets tough, they also know how to handle criticism graciously. English majors also make for entertaining interviewees, and with their fluency and eloquence, they most certainly do the job.