Requirements and Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are necessary if you want to replace a tooth or a gap in the gums. Dental implants are metallic posts that are placed on the gums through dental surgery. The metal that is used as the implant is made up of titanium. The dental implants are placed deep with the gum, and replace the roots. They are held firmly in the gums and have no chance of falling out.

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Requirements for Getting Dental Implants

It is very advisable to get dental implants if you want to replace a gap or a tooth that does not please you. However, specific requirements need to be met before any dental implant surgeon agrees to perform the procedure on you. These are some of the requirements.

  • Healthy and strong gums- Dental implant specialists can only perform the procedure on individuals with good oral tissues. The gums need to be strong and healthy to hold the implants firmly.
  • No adverse health conditions that deter bone healing- Dental implants are fixed in the jaw bone. People that have requirements that negatively affect their bone healing are not advised to get dental implants.
  • Have a jawbone that is fully grown- The dental implants must be placed at a jawbone that has matured fully. Jawbones that have not fully grown may shift the position of the implants.
  • Have a missing tooth- Implants are placed in gaps. You must have a gap that requires it to be replaced with a dental implant. Those who want to replace a natural tooth have to have it removed first. Afterward, the gap is supplied through a dental implant procedure.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Improved oral health

People who decide to get dental implants have a lower chance of getting gum diseases. The gaps may be infected if they are not filled. Getting a dental implant will also reduce jaw bone loss due to increased bone activation caused during biting or chewing.

Better smile

Dental implants are aligned and fit well. If you get dental implants, your smile will improve. All those who lose a permanent tooth can replace it through dental implant procedures.

Easy to take care

The implants have no risk of decaying like natural teeth. Failure to floss the implants has no detrimental effects. Therefore, you will require little effort to take care of them.

Maintain a youthful look

Losing teeth makes adults look older. Losing teeth may change the shape of your face. Dental implants are a solution to this issue. The gaps are filled, and an older person can still maintain a youthful look.

Get Dental Implants Today

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. If you would love to get more information about dental implants or get dental implants by a professional that is certified, contact the dental implant experts at our facility.