Restore your Teeth Color Through Bleaching

The way your teeth appear signifies your overall oral health. There are factors that make your teeth change from their original white color. Dark beverages like red wine and coffee are substances that cause your teeth to fade. Improper cleaning of your teeth causes a lot of stains on them, thus changes their color. Teeth with stains depreciated your self-esteem at a high percentage. It is essential to keep your teeth clean and white. For teeth whitening services, consult the North Miami Beach dentist health clinic. The main procedures of teeth whitening are explained below.

Procedures involved during the teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching is a cosmetic dental service available in every dental health center. First, your doctor should examine the overall health of your teeth and jaws since it is not everybody who is a candidate for a teeth whitening service. Patients with big crowns and fillings are considered not to be the candidate for teeth bleaching. If you are the best candidate, your doctor will clean your teeth to soften your enamel to facilitate cleaning. Teeth’s cleaning is done to your natural teeth and not the restored ones.

The dentist will place you on a chair and then insert a device that will retractor your lips. The lip retractor is normally a plastic material that keeps your lips away from teeth. A gingival barrier, which is normally a gel, is applied to your gum and then hardened using laser light. This barrier protects your gums from the bleaching chemical. A hydrogen peroxide solution is then applied to the surface of your teeth.  The solution penetrates the surface layer of your teeth, removing stains and the yellow coloring through the oxidation process. After bleaching is complete, your dentist will clean your teeth to remove the hydrogen peroxide solution and the gel. Below are the benefits of teeth whitening.

Importances of teeth whitening

Every person looks at your teeth and mouth movement whenever you talk. How you express your face gives people a chance to look at you very deeply. Teeth whitening has both cosmetic and health importance. Dirty teeth suggest that you are not capable of cleaning yourself as recommended. Teeth with stains depreciate your smile in front of your friends, thus lowering your self-esteem and confidence. However, clean white teeth elevate your smile, thus improving your confidence and self-esteem with your friends and family members. Yellow teeth are capable of getting cavities reading to teeth decay. Decayed teeth have an unpleasant smell, thus creating some discomforts all through. Clean teeth are free of decay-causing organisms, thus making your mouth fresh and in good smell. Dirty teeth keep your gums in danger of getting infectious pathogens. Pathogens and bacteria penetrate through your gums, causing root canal disorder. They cause gingivitis disease, which makes your gums frequently bleed.

Teeth’s bleaching is a dental cosmetic procedure used to remove the yellow color and stains on your teeth. Performing teeth whitening elevates your smile, thus improving self-esteem and confidence. Consult the SEDA Dental clinic for more information about teeth bleaching.

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