Road-trip Essentials: 7 Things to Check Before You Leave

Road trips are fun and exciting. That being said, you shouldn’t just go on a road trip on a whim, especially if your family is going with you. No, planning is required to ensure you have everything you need for whatever scenario arises.

1. Car Insurance

This may go without saying, but car insurance is a must before going on a road trip. It is something you should already have if you have a car. But you need to make sure your insurance is current and that you have your documents with you just in case you are pulled over or are in a car accident. If you are renting a vehicle, make sure you have all of the proper paperwork in the glove box just in case something happens.

2. First Aid Kit

You may not be able to make it to the hospital, or you may only have a minor injury that doesn’t require a hospital visit. In either case, you need to make sure you have a first aid kit. Anything can happen while you are on the road. Put a first aid kit together to handle everything from bites, aches and pains, scratches, and infections. Keep in mind depending on your destination, you may not be able to quickly get to a hospital, so pack for that.

3. Important Documents

Road trips are fun, but you need to plan things out before you go. It would be best if you had an itinerary written out and in your car. In your itinerary, you need to have a list of the places you plan on visiting and about when you expect to be there. If you are looking for places to hit on your trip, try a qld road trip guide.

While this is important information to keep in your car, you should also make sure someone back home knows this information as well. This is important because anything can happen on the road, and if it does, someone else needs to know where you were going to be. You should also keep your insurance information, maps, and car registration in your car. You may also want to keep emergency contact information either in your car on in your wallet, just in case.

4. Dash Cam

It may seem a bit much, but having a dashcam will only help you in the long run. Anything can happen while you are on the road. Whether you are in a car accident or pulled over, you will want proof of how the incident played out. A dashcam that mounts on the dashboard can be easily purchased and put together.

5. Traveling Kit

You need a travelling kit. This kit can also come in handy if you find yourself stuck in traffic or usually have a long commute. In your travelling kit, you need some non-perishable snacks, bottled water, and blankets. You can add items you may think you need if you are stuck in your car for a long time and may not be able to leave, like a smaller first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, a pocket knife, and hand wipes.

6. Car Charger

Again, this may go without saying, but don’t forget your phone chargers. Chargers are so small it can be easy to forget them. Everyone has done it once or twice. Forgetting your phone charger when you are only going to be away from home for a few minutes is not a big deal. But going out of town without a charger is dangerous. What if you are stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and your battery is low.

A long time ago, it was easy to find a payphone to call for help. Good luck finding a payphone now. Not only should you bring your phone charges but you should also bring extra if possible.

7. Hand Sanitizer

This item may seem insignificant but believe me, it’s not. Making sure that you and your family have clean hands is important. More so now than ever. Even if you have been sitting in your car all day, you still need to clean your hands before eating. This statement is even more true if you have kids. Wherever you plan on getting something to eat, fast food, or dine in, you need to have clean hands.

Road trips are fun but should not be done on a whim. Trips should be planned out. Have your checklist handy while packing up your vehicle so you can make sure that you have everything you need. It would be best if you also kept the checklist handy when you are leaving your hotel or wherever you’re staying so you can be sure you aren’t leaving anything.

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