Role of Nasal Swabs in COVID-19 Tests

 A nasal swab helps make the COVID-19 tests possible. COVID-19 tests are quite a number including the antigen tests that confirm whether you are negative or positive. Unfortunately, most tests are only available for current infections. You can get an antibody test to confirm whether you once had COVID-19. In the meantime, consider a Ham Lake nasal swab that will confirm your current COVID-19 fears and put them to rest.

Who should have a COVID-19 test?

A positive COVID-19 person must have a 10-14 day quarantine depending on the jurisdiction. If you have had exposure to a positive individual, consider self-isolation for up to two weeks and a COVID-19 test. In such a circumstance, you will need a COVID-19 test before the end of your quarantine period. You will also need a test when going for your doctor’s appointment or are planning to attend a controlled event where a negative test is necessary.

How do you make a COVID-19 test appointment?

GatherWell COVID Testing specializes in COVID-19 testing, meaning that you do not have to make an appointment beforehand for your test. If you have symptoms such as frequent sneezing, continuous headaches, or difficulty in breathing, you can make a prompt appointment at the center for testing. Unlike hospitals where you have to call before going for a test, you will meet the testing staff, complete with protective gear in GatherWell COVID Testing. However, when you have a positive test, it is advisable to book an appointment at a health facility before making a trip, to help the doctors and nurses prepare for your arrival safely.

What happens during a COVID-19 test?

After exposure to a positive COVID-19 person, contact your doctor for a test. Your hospital will give you the best time for the test and the area to have the test. The first step in testing is taking samples; GatherWell COVID Testing uses nasal swabs to collect samples for analysis. The swab goes deep inside your nose and reaches the far end. Shortly after collection, your doctor will take the collected samples for analysis. You might feel some discomforts during the collection, which dissipate as soon as the doctor removes the swabs.

What are the available COVID-19 tests?

Mostly nasal swabs help in antigen tests, which work on the principle of protein detection. The test is helpful as they help detect your infection at its peak. Unfortunately, you can have a false negative, which means you have the disease, but the tests cannot show. PCR tests are more accurate, and your doctor will recommend them if you show many inconsistencies in your antigen tests. PCR tests look for genetic material and are more accurate. However, an antigen test is enough to confirm whether you have COVID-19 or an unrelated issue in many cases.

COVID-19 is scary, which is why it is crucial to have a test as soon as you notice symptoms or have had contact with someone with the disease. GatherWell COVID Testing does the test whenever you need them. Call or book your appointment online to know your COVID-19 status.

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