Samuel Onuha’s Guide to Hiring the Right Employee for your Business

As a business owner, a major challenge you will face is hiring the right employee to get your job done. While you are dealing with how to execute your plans for the year, it is important to have the right people on your team. The process of hiring the right employee is so tedious and long that you would wish to find one at the first stage of the recruitment process. But sorry to break your heart, it is not that easy.

As a business owner, you need to understand the importance of hiring the right people for your business. This single decision will go on to define how successful your business will be. It is safe to say hiring a great employee is like acquiring an asset for your business. Hence, the need to be sure of what you are investing in.

One of the best ways to fully grasp how to approach this decision is to observe successful business owners especially in this age. How do you know who to hire? How can you tell the best candidate for that role? What do you look out for? These are some of the questions that you will need answers to as a business owner.

Samuel Onuha is one of the most respected and successful business men in the retailing industry in Netherlands. He has a wealth of experience in hiring and firing employees. Despite being a young business man, he has hired a lot of employees to help build his business. Having dealt with a lot of people in the past, Samuel has gotten the employee-hire formula.

According to Samuel, the process of hiring employees can be time-consuming. Also, you will need to train them so they can understand the vision of your business and know where they come in. With the understanding that time is money, if you hire the wrong employee then all the time you invested will come to waste. This situation is painful because you will have to fire the employee and start the hiring process all over again.

Samuel strongly believes that employees are not the most important assets in business, the right employees are. Below are the qualities that Samuel Onuha looks out for during his hiring process:

  • Passion or Drive

Every human being has a core motivation that guides them in making decisions, including the decision to apply for a job. Samuel says if the applicant’s core motivation is tied to making money, in his experience, the person is not the right candidate. This is because, the success of your business is not perceived as theirs. This means such person, if hired will work solely to serve their pocket. They will not be interested in your business growing or reaching your goals.

The question is, do you want an employee you can trust to have your back or the one solely gunning for their pay?

  • Disposition to Learning

Any applicant who is not open to learning is not right for your business. This quality cannot be overemphasized in the hiring process of a good business venture. You need people who can think on their feet and make decisions that will serve the business with or without you. You need to test the applicant’s disposition to learning new things and their problem-solving skills. It is important to know the abilities of your employees, and the best place to start is understanding their disposition to learning. This will give you an insight to their problem-solving skill.

  • Skin in the Game

Samuel Onuha mentions how important it is for your employees to have something to gain while working with you. This is beyond their pay, this means working with you should be an addition to their career path. In essence, they will be investing in themselves by working with you to build your business. This is a win-win situation because such employee will take the success of your business as theirs.

With the qualities stated above, you can tell if any applicant is right for your business or not. So, next time you are hiring, ensure you check all the boxes as this is a critical decision for your business’ success.

Remember, the right employee is the most important asset in building your business.