Seasoned Age Management Medicine Physician in Florida

Although there is no way to effectively halt the natural process of aging, anti-aging procedures could assist you to feel and appear your best. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, radiofrequency body cavitation, as well as skincare rejuvenation with IV vitamin therapy are just a few of the anti-aging techniques available at the PharmXhealthOne wellness facility in Port Saint Lucie and Boynton Beach, FL. The staff works individually with every patient to enhance all elements of their health, encompassing mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Rather than diagnosing and addressing individual symptoms, the staff focuses on determining and managing the root cause. As a result, patients are empowered and motivated to learn more about their bodies and health situations. To explore the various options available for your aging concerns, contact Dr. Rolando Alvarez in Boynton Beach through mobile or book an appointment online today.

What You Should Know About Dr. Rolando Alvarez

Dr. Rolando Alvarez, MD, MS, is a renowned doctor who specializes in age management medicine. In addition, he is a Medical Director, as well as an expert in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine for PharmXhealthOne, a top-notch wellness facility with locations in Port Saint Lucie, Wellington, and Boynton Beach, Florida.

Dr. Alvarez’s enthusiasm for fitness and well-being has been a lifetime quest as he actively participates in numerous sports, weightlifting, and martial arts. He enjoys assisting people in reclaiming their youthful health and vigor at PharmXhealthOne by solving the major causes for their diseases, with the notion that ‘the source is the solution.’

For his premedical education, Dr. Alvarez earned a Bachelor of Science in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Miami. He went to Barry University for his post-graduate education, acquiring a Master of Science in biomedical sciences. Following the acquisition of his medical degree from St. George’s University, Dr. Alvarez did a two-year residency in internal medicine at the Marshfield Clinic and the Maricopa Medical Center. Upon completion, he did fellowship training in nuclear medicine at the famed University of Michigan.

Dr. Alvarez finalized his accreditation in age management medicine at the international Cenegenics® Medical Institute, wherein he maintained his studies as a fellow, whilst operating as a nuclear medicine practitioner at the Veterans Administration (VA) in Gainesville, Florida. He has served as a medical director at several age management facilities, coordinating care delivery.

With great knowledge in nutraceuticals, nutrition, bioidentical hormone replacement treatment, and simple workout routines, he is at the frontline of age management medicine. Dr. Alvarez is accredited by the Age Management Medicine Group and Age Management Medicine Education Foundation. The American Board of Nuclear Medicine has also certified him. He is a member of the Radiological Society of North America, the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, and the Age Management Medicine Group.

Age management medicine, regardless of whether implemented full-time or part-time, takes you down a different route, one that allows you to reclaim control over yourself and medical decisions. If you want to get started, contact the PharmXhealthOne well-being practice right away.

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