Self-Care Tips for Muscle Pain after a Car Accident and the Need to Visit Accident Injury Doctor

Cars are an integral part of our day to day lives, and so, car accidents are very common all over the world. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid it. However, by following proper traffic rules and other safety measures, we can reduce the chances of collisions.

The majority of crashes result due to ignorance by the driver or human error.  Whatever the reason is, car accidents,even at lower speeds, are highly susceptible to damage causing long-term pain in the neck, back, and other parts of the body. Even at low speeds, many factors contribute to injuries to these sensitive areas.The force that a person gets hits might be the sign of a lasting injury.

When you’re the victim of a crash, you will have cuts, burns, scrapes, and bruises as proof of your injuries. Besides, you will notice muscle pain right after a collision. In any case, you must visit the accident doctor as soon as possible.

Types of pain after a car crash

  • Head & neck pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Delayed back pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Thoracic back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Bad neck pain
  • Mild back pain
  • Burning back pain
  • Lumbar back pain
  • Extreme back pain
  • Sore neck
  • Chronic & constant back pain
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Pain in the right or left side of the neck
  • Upper neck pain
  • Lower neck pain
  • Cervical neck pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Back of head and neck pain
  • Nagging or slight neck pain
  • Chest pain
  • Recurring neck pain

5 Self-Care Tips Car Accident Victims Must Follow

Self-care is a necessity, but it is not an alternate of professional medical treatments.  For car accident pain management, here are a few essential stepsas per your doctor’s advice that you must follow for your fast recovery.

Stay Hydrated

After an accident, your muscles get stretched and stops functioning correctly. So, to keep it strong and healthy, you must drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential as it prevents muscle cramps and helps your muscles heal fast after a collision.


There is no definite time set for the recovery, but rest reduces the chances of further pain or infections in the body and helps you recover fast. No matter how well your doctor is treating you, but if you fail to take rest, your condition will worsen over time–– sometimes, it will take years to recuperate from the damage.

Massage Therapy

Massage promotes the healing process. It is known as one of the most vital steps in relieving body pain. The therapy includesgeneral massage, deep tissue massage, stone therapy, and many more.

In addition to medications, the doctor might also suggest you massage therapy sessions that will further relax your tightened muscles after a car accident.


Physical therapyhelps to reduce muscle strains.After an initial consultation, your therapist might recommend a routine for physiotherapies that typically include light exercise, dietary plans, and stretches of the muscles that help your muscles heal quickly.


Yoga is essential to relax the stiffness of your body caused as a result of an accident. It requires deep breathing and the full range of motion; when combined, these two practices can supply the oxygen to your sore muscles to function as before.

While performing yoga or any other physical exercise, you need to focus even a minor signal your body gives you such as pain worsening than before or difficulty in moving––in any case, you need to visit accident injury doctor.

These are just a few simple things that you can do after a car collision. However, it is not an alternative to seek medical help. So, when you experience a severe car crash, get your damages correctly diagnosed.

Why Should You Not Visit Primary Care Physician?

PCP, also known as family doctors or general practitioners, are trained to diagnose multiple health conditions we go through in our daily lives. They are experts in tracking a patient’s health over time.

Although PCP is the best option to go for, car accident injuries aren’t their cup of tea. They aren’t trained to treat those damages. However, you can tell them about your injuries and ask them for suggestions––they probably will recommend visiting a specialist to treat your specific problem.


Specialists have advanced training to deal with a particular illness or injury, for example, heart specialists. Depending on their degree and experience in the field, specialists also perform surgery. Therefore, for car accident injuries, we suggest you visit the best injury doctor nearby. But if you’re looking for a doctor to treat your regular illness PCP is a great resource.

Signs you need to visit accident doctor

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Whiplash/Neck injuries 
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries

*You must visit the doctor even if you feel no pain or injury.

Tell Doctors about Your Prior Injuries 

When you visit the specialist, be open about your past injuries and medical treatments. Don’t hide anything and make sure the doctor is well informed about all conditions.

What happensif you fail to disclose all the facts?

Hiding pre-existing injuries might affect your recovery. Moreover, it will hurt your credibility when filing an injury claim. Remember, disclosing past injuries will help your case, and never hurt it! 

Do not wait to visit the doctor

If there is one common mistake victims make after a crash, it is waiting to visit the doctor. Even if you feel a minor pain—you need to seek medical help, simple.

Muscle pain can’t be handleby self-care at home, and if you do that, it only gets worse in many situations. Even if you think your pain will go away with time, initial consultation with a doctor is mandatory. A doctor will not only diagnose the root cause of your muscle pain but will help you recover fast by suggesting medications or other medical treatments. Besides, they will make sure there isn’t something left that cause you problem later.

Regular Checkup–As Per Appointments

The most important thing is to visit your doctor on time because gaps in treatment decrease your recovery chances. You must ask your doctor in detail regarding the treatment plans and how long you will need to visit them.

Closing thoughts

As you begin your self-care pain management journey, we would suggest you take help from loved ones who have experienced dealing with such situations.You must know the location of an emergency room nearest your home. While searching, you will come to know about many experienced and non-experienced doctors in the town.

The most important thing is to get your treatment from the right doctor. Ask your friends or colleagues about the best pain clinic they got treated from.

Remember, the time saved in knowing about the trauma center in advance can help you save your lifeand the life of the victim you care about.

Thank you for reading!

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