Sepulcher of the First Ones: all that you need to know

Finally, gamers awaited the most exciting raid in the history of WoW Shadowlands. Sepulcher of the First Ones – is the last part that will reveal the Jailer’s political ambitions. However, to do this, the heroes will face the strongest minions, and then the Jailer Zowal himself. Next, we’ll give you the details of the basics of the First Ones Raid.

About location

The story takes place east of the game area – Zeret Mortis. It’s a mystic place of ancient power to create the afterlife, which the Jailer wants to change the order of the universe. It is also known that Zeret Mortis creates the afterlife and it is possible that he even created the entire cosmos. 

In the new raid, players will receive new sub-professions, bosses, and rewards. Also, be prepared to pass four levels with different difficulties: from LFR to Mythic. For those who want to go faster through all levels, there is an opportunity to take advantage of the Sepulcher of the First Ones boosting service.

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Zeret Mortis is considered an alien environment, but players will see emerald plants, bright oases, and even walk on water.

Bosses battle

There are only 11 bosses in a new version:

  1. Vigilant Guardian – guards the front door to the Tomb.
  2. Skolex or Insatiable Ravener is a predatory devourer who flocks at the entry door of the Tomb to satisfy his hunger.
  3. Artificer Xy’mox – wants to loot ancient knowledge and impressive artifacts.
  4. Dausegne or Fallen Oracle – leads the Sworn Womb into battle to take over the Forge of the Afterlife.
  5. Prototype Pantheon – mercilessly destroys enemies.
  6. Lihuvim or Principal Architech is an ephemeral power that the forces of Mausworn want to wield.
  7. Halondrus the Reclaimer – restores the ephemeral world and keeps order.
  8. Anduin Wrynn is enchanted by Domination, helping the Jailer to change the real world. Players will be forced to make a difficult choice: save his soul or kill him and save the space civilization.
  9. Lords of Dread – make sure no one holds out against the new order of the space.
  10.  Rygelon – uses cosmic force against all opponents of the Exile.
  11. The Jailer, Zovaal – thousands of years wanted to get to the center of the Tomb. He fears that the cosmos will self-destruct when one force dominates the other. He wants to create a new reality out of a single force that will dominate all living things. The players of Azeroth must unite to stop the Jailer from taking overall reality.

To beat the most important one, the final fight with the Jailer will be only after successful battles with other bosses. At the start, each player runs into the first dungeon boss, Vigilant Guardian. A successful outcome will allow you to fight Dausegne, Skolex, and Xy’mox.

After this, a player will have several options: after the battle with Dausegne, it will be the turn of Prototype Pantheon. After his defeat – will open Lihuvim.

Next a successful fight with Skolex and Xy’mox, access to Halondrus and then Anduin Wrynn will be next. Defeating a humanoid boss, players will be able to fight Lords of Dread and tenth boss Rygelon. Only after their defeat, The Jailer will go into a fight.

In addition, PvP-players will be able to fight in the belligerent capital Maldraxus, called the «Colosseum».

More about the class collection

In Patch 9.2 each class will receive useful bonuses of several items. Such as, hunters will be able to collect items from the class “Animal Master”, “Survival”, “Shooting”.

In addition, in this version, WoW class sets can be obtained not only in raids. Now those who want to create their own cover armor and those who want to focus on Epoch+ or PvP-direction can get them.

There is also a reward for winning bosses. If you beat Rygelon, you’ll get Chest; Lihuvim and Principal Architect – Hands, Halondrus the Reclaimer – Legs. And so on. Trophies of 5 body parts – allow creating a new hero.

What can you get

Sepulcher has a title for the epochal victory over Zowaal and the first 100 Horde or Alliance guilds in the world.

You can also get 10 points for raids when you kill some bosses. 

You can win 4 types of tokens for defeating the Tomb boss. A more detailed distribution is shown in the table below:

Latest news

The new version was released in early March. Almost in the first days, the first mythical boss – Vigilant Guardian was defeated. This was a piece of shocking news for many people, as it was done by a player who did not qualify for the world championship.

The online version still has the last three Tomb bosses alive. Although the Guilds around the world are desperately trying to do so.

It is already clear that this raid promises to become the most difficult. The question is how long the Jailer will last – it remains open.