Should I Learn Iron Sight or Optics First

In today’s, most of all have a gun or a rifle in their home. But the number of people who knows how to use it properly or what should they learn first is very less. Most of all have the same question “should I learn Iron sights or Optic First“?

Because so many people want to know about it, I just give my thoughts or share mine though.

My advice is that you should learn Iron sight first. And there some reason why?

First of all, is Value, the second one is Cost and the Third one is Practicality.

Value: Some people make the argument that is Optic is easier to learn how to shoot with. Well, there are many debates about this. Some people say everyone should start their shoot with optic and then try to iron sights. Someone is the opposite.

Well, let me clear one thing, it’s a matter of time to learn iron sights in a postal is that same matter of time to take that on a rifle. But it is easier to shoot a rifle with an iron sight besides a pistol. There is some reason:

1st of all rifles has more accurate because you have larger sight areas.

2nd you got four points of contacts (your front hand, another hand, cheek, and your shoulder).

Now if you think another side you have four points of contacts vs two or one with a pistol. So it actually takes faster. It takes a lot less time to learn how to do those iron sights on a rifle or a pistol.

In fact, if you go with the manual to learn how to shoot iron sight, then keep in mind that it’s gonna take much more time. Iron sights are absolutely reliable.

Cost: When people, though how to shoot a rifle, money comes ahead first. You know we can’t go out and buy 4 or 5 optics and then learn about it.

Other side iron sights are not nearly that expensive as optics. If you are thinking about an Aimpoint it will about $400-1000 or many more up. But if you think about an iron sight, then it will be much cheaper than an optic.

If you got an AK  then you see iron sight is already added to it. So there’s no added cost you carry. How many rifles come with iron sights.

Hey, I’m not trying to sell all those things. I’m trying to make a good discussion on this. What I am trying to explain to you all is that you don’t need to learn in an optic first. Iron sights are more than at a quick.

You will find lots of people who are going to a training class with iron sights only with AK, VG-58, AR-15 they have no problem making a god in 100yards for their first round. In fact, they make 200yards hit with their first one hour of a training class.

Practicality: If you have an iron sight on a rifle, it is best if that rifle is your own. If not, then fine, but you need some time to make it up. Not every rifle is config as you config your own. Learning iron sight first will help you to do better with optics. The reason some rifles only have iron sight on it.

Let’s get real,

Most of the rifle’s defense situations are at pistol distances. That means 25 yards.

It does not take a great MOA of a ford or time to be affected with iron sights to learn how to be effective with that.

Gears do not import skill or proper fundamental when you are shooting. Optics do not make you shoot with better fundamentals. You got to learn how to use them both. Study says “The greatest shooters in the world are all learn iron sight first”.