Should you buy a plasma cutter?


Plasma cutting is a process by which we can cut electrically conductive materials such as aluminium, brass, copper etc. The tool used for this type of cutting is known as Plasma Cutter. It is most commonly used in Industrial mining, construction, salvaging etc. People use plasma cutting process because of its great precision and accuracy along with the less investment in time. Yeah, it is the most efficient process used by miners and other industrialists for the salvaging and constructing of their desired products Moreover, it is the only process which is fast and resourceful. However, this process can be more fruitful if you use quality plasma cutter.

Why do you need Plasma Cutter?

If someone is looking at fancier models, buying a plasma cutter would be a big investment. This has already shocked many of the potential buyers of the metal industry. The only thing that metalworkers love about plasma cutter is its efficiency and working to cut metals. Although there are some other processes like using torches, blending metals, igniting metals etc, but the only accurate and best one is plasma cutting process. That is why it is famous for it’s working and time simplicity.

Metal workers and welders find plasma cutters a luxury because of its effectiveness and considering it as a luxury in metal industry. Some metal workers think that if they could work with other metals and getting their job done, why buy a plasma cutter? Actually their viewpoint is right because the metal workers which has less work do not really need a plasma cutter to get their job done. They can do their job as well with the other materials. On the other hand, large metal industries which basically works with aluminium, copper and brass etc., use plasma cutters to get their job done in less time. That is why this is necessary for them to buy one.

Yes, they are expensive and range from $1000 to about $2500 for real fancy models yet the time and energy you will save from using these materials is also not negotiable. You will be able to work smarter and efficient if you use a plasma cutter. Moreover, cutting metals through plasma cutting process also gives you the best Ores of the metals and their uses. Some advantages and disadvantages are as below:-


  • Easy of use: They can be made user friendly by some training and not much of your physical effort is required.
  • Multi-tasking: Plasma Cutters cannot only be used for cutting metals but also be used for lining up materials, gauging etc.
  • Keeps materials Cool: The built-in design of plasma cutters is used for keeping the materials cool even on placing them on the surface.
  • It is very effective to cut out metals rather than using old school tools and machinery in the metal industry.


  • Typically limited to air plate of 50mm
  • It produces noise when cutting in production
  • It produces when cutting in air
  • The costs of electrodes and nozzles are consumed
  • Also produces arc glare when cutting in air

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