Signs Why You Need Emergency Dental Care!

With an abundance of dental concerns present, it is pretty tough to decide when to visit an emergency dentist. If you have an almost nagging pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw, then you can afford to wait for a few days before visiting your dentist. 

However, in some cases, waiting a day or two can be the difference between whether your tooth will remain intact or not. Still not sure about deciding which situations are severe and which can wait? 

Watch for these indications to know when to visit your emergency dentist in Sunshine Coast promptly: 

Unexplainable Toothache

You should never consider toothache a simple, painful annoyance or something you can overlook. This pain is your body’s indication that something is not right in your mouth. When you experience sudden and unexplainable tooth pain, get an appointment with a qualified and seasoned dentist in Bella Vista. 

Until you visit your dentist, you can try these remedies:  

  • Use a cold compress on paining tooth 
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater 
  • You can also take OTC pain medicines to reduce the discomfort

You are Experiencing Bleeding 

If you see your gums bleed after you brush or floss, then it is a sign of concern. It can be a warning sign of gingivitis or upcoming gum disease. Apart from this, you may also notice a smell when flossing, swelling of the gums, or aching. 

Getting early treatment for gum disease is very critical as once it reaches a certain point, it can leave you with an inability to return your teeth to a healthy state. Hence, visiting your dentist as early as possible can help you with your oral health. 

Swollen Jaw or Mouth

No, your jaw or mouth will not get swollen without any apparent reason. Swelling can be caused due to various reasons like swollen lymph nodes or mouth or jaw infections. In extremely rare cases, it can be caused by mouth cancer. Since there is no way for you to know the core reason why your jaw is swollen, it is better you book yourself an emergency dental appointment. 

Swelling will also bring excruciating pain with it. So, it is better that you just avoid waiting. 

Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscess tooth can be a severe and potentially fatal condition in which a pocket of pus in the tooth leads to an infection. It can cause: 

  • Fever
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Persistent toothache
  • Tender lymph nodes in your neck
  • Swelling in the face
  • A small bump on your gums near the infected tooth

As it is a life-threatening condition, it is better to visit an emergency dentist as the infection can spread into your jaw, surrounding tissue, and other body areas. 

Tooth loss due to trauma

An emergency visit to the dentist becomes essential when a person loses a tooth due to trauma caused by a sports injury or an accident. The reason is that there is a possibility that the injury may have damaged nearby gum tissues and nerves. This can lead to some severe complications. 

Additionally, a dentist can reattach a tooth that has been knocked out if it is preserved in saliva or milk and taken to the dentist without delay. 

You have a Metal Taste in Your Mouth:

Before the famous tooth-coloured filling, many people got amalgam (metal) filling fitted in their mouths. If you experience a metallic taste in your mouth, there is a possibility that an old filling may have become loose or it could be cracking. 

Leaving this type of loose or cracked filling can lead to cavities and infections. Hence, visiting your dentist Bella Vista in an emergency can help you avoid toothache and duck possible root canal. 

You have a Cracked or Broken Tooth:

The site and severity of your cracked or broken tooth will help your dentist determine your treatment route. Saving the tooth is always a priority for your dentist. To do that, you must see your dentist promptly. 

When you have a cracked or broken tooth, it will be better to get emergency treatment rather than wait. 

You Having a Popping Jaw

If you are experiencing pain, a popping sensation or your jaw is locked, it is high time that you consult your dentist for an emergency appointment. In most people, jaws can slide back and forth without any difficulties. 

However, if that motion is not smooth, you may be suffering from TMJ. A person with TMJ disorder can experience a slip in their jaw where it is “stuck”. You may feel pain while doing everyday activities like chewing. 

Plus, if you hear a clicking or grinding noise when you open your jaw and face limited movement problems with your jaw, it is a good idea to get checked out on an emergency basis to see the severity of your TMJ to avoid other issues.


An emergency dental appointment might not be an option back in the day. However, this is the 21st century, and no one should suffer through pain and anguish or pull their tooth by themselves. Instead, you should take advantage of emergency dental and visit your dentist Sunshine Coast before it is too late.