Siteminder Dominion Net Resource SM Redirects Azreject Gen

We are going to define some steps for Siteminder Dominion Net Resource Sm Redirects Azreject Gen:

  • User Authentication:

For UD1, if user obtained access of secure path to opposite UD2. User redirects to HTML webpage. So, for this case, user will not consider as bit of UD2. However, SM access helps in logging in and user obtained AzReject. This will support users to transfer to login page.

Users must have to use Siteminder Dominion Net Resource SM redirects Azreject Gen to directly go to webpage instead of moving to HTML webpage. 

  • On Access Reject Policy:

When you have connected to UD2, you must go through On Access Reject Policy. As, the redirect message is set at UD2. So, people connected with UD1 does not match with on access reject policy and will not get any redirect response. Are you able to modify APP2?

Use UD1 for authentication directory.

  • User policy 1= It allow users that connected to UD2.
  • User policy 2= It enables users that connected to UD1.


 When users try to login through SM access, they find AzReject there. So, they use Siteminder for easy access, and authentication. Users don’t have to make policies for realm. But, first users have to check that they are authorized to access this pattern / resource or not.

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