What does the makeup can do?

A woman is called attractive as much as she looks beautiful. Females look more attractive than men just because of makeup. Eye and lips contrasts make women more charming. Through makeup, women can enhance their facial look, can large eyes, soft skin and it is said that a man like these features in a woman. So ladies try to become more prominent through makeup. By experiments with makeup and without makeup, it has been proved that makeup has power.

If we together men and women, and check then we conclude that women are more attractive just because of makeup. Makeup provide a natural look and attraction to females. It changes the face impressions, and as women look attractive they become more confident. If makeup is done well it enhances the symmetry and gestures of the face. Through makeup, your look becomes healthy. 

As men are attracted by beauty and fashion. Women can enhance all facial impressions more beautiful   through makeup if it is done well. Makeup can make women more attractive and confident than those women who do not care about their skin or makeup. In this article we will try to discuss those beneficial points that come after makeup:   

Makeup makes women competent:

It is already discussed with details that makeup makes women beautiful and confidence. surveys and New research claimed by cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble and launched at Massachusetts General Hospital by scientists, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana-Farber that wearing makeup makes women more sophisticated, competent and confident as compared to not wearing makeup. 

Makeup time gives better returns:

As every person is busy today. If a woman wears makeup at morning time. It takes short of time but after wearing makeup woman looks attractive fresh and confident. Makeup time is a time that you spend on yourself. It is necessary to take care of yourself. After makeup you feel easy and whole day activities depend on your morning mode. Brushes, mascara, perfume all give women mentally relaxation. Whitefield-Madrano says “This is a way of getting ready physically, but also mentally.”

He also says, “Time and time again, I heard from women that another benefit of makeup was the ritualistic aspect of it,” Whitefield-Madrano also writes in his book “It’s usually quiet and calm, and even though it’s only 6.5 minutes of my day, that’s my time. I’m looking in the mirror, so there’s this kind of check-in with myself.” Many psychologists also suggest that makeup give better results such as good thoughts and pleasant behavior with others.

Makeup can increase the sleeping time: 

It is written in “Things We Didn’t Know.” That through makeup you may sleep better and feel more relaxed after sleeping. Journal psychology publishes an information according to survey the people, that women who use makeup regularly sleep more than those who do not use makeup regularly and It is hypothesized the reason may be a mixture of chemical components in the makeup, or psychological effect of applying makeup for this more sleeping and relaxation.

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