Some vocal practices that you learn in a Vocal Lesson

Are you an aspiring vocalist? Then this article is just for you. A lot of vocalists struggle with maintaining energy and stamina on stage along with taking care of their throats. Therefore, vocal exercises are an essential for them. These exercises are generally taught by professional voice/vocal instructors as they know the correct technique to practice them. 

Today we bring you some of the most useful and effective vocal exercises which you will learn in your vocal lessons.

1. Humming Warm-Ups

It is one of the easiest and most effective warm-ups. In this exercise you need to place your tongue behind your bottom front teeth. Hum up and down the major scales. All this while your mouth shall remain close. This is a wonderful warmup for your throat before going on the stage to perform. This exercise doesn’t put a lot of strain on your vocal cords. 

2. Vocal Straw Exercise 

For this you will need a straw. Get a little straw and hum through it. Start at the bottom of your range and slide up and down through your entire range. You can also practice a variation of this exercise. Place the straw in a half full glass and blow controlled bubbles into it. The pressure created by the straw’s resistance will press down on your vocal cords and help you get rid of any puffiness that you might have. 

3. Lip Buzz

This exercise requires you to press your lips together and vibrate them. Initially start with no pitch, then add a bit of pitch to your lip buzz and vibrations, and try to hold it. You can regulate your pitch while doing the lip buzz. The lip buzz will give you a little tingly sensation in your nose, forehead and cheeks. This tingly feeling is an indication that you are doing the exercise right. 

4. The Siren

Have you heard the sound of the fire engine? To practice siren exercise, try to imitate that siren sound. Start producing an “ooooo” sound and go from the lowest note of your range to the highest and back down. Create this sound continuously it will help you cover the notes between the notes. 

5. JawLoosening Exercises

Singing requires you to open your mouth completely, for that you need to drop your jaw lower than usual. The area between your chin and your ear is your jawline, and this is the area you want to drop while singing. To practice jaw loosening exercises, you need to pretend as if you are yawning with your mouth closed. 

These were some of the easiest vocal exercises that can help you to enhance your singing and maintain good health of your throat. These techniques can be best learnt from your voice teacher as they teach you the right technique which suits your throat and tone. So, if you are passionate about singing then you should definitely take up vocal lessons, Toronto has a wide range of quality vocal lessons choose the one which suits you the best!