Spider Bites Won’t Make You A Superhero in Real Life: Easy Ways to Prevent Them!

Australia houses more than 2000 species of spiders, but only a handful are dangerous to humans. However, that doesn’t mean you want to share your house with them! You need to be extra careful and contact a professional spider control Perth services without delay. 

Now, seeing a spider will send shivers down your spine, so, understandably, you will want them eliminated quickly from your home. Although getting rid of every spider from your house is nearly impossible, there are some DIY methods you can try to delay spider infestations.

So, let’s see what attracts spiders to your house. 

What attracts spiders to my home?

In Australia, spiders are a natural part of life, as you can find them anytime, anywhere! However, that doesn’t indicate that we are ready to move in with them. Hence, it is essential to understand the factors that prompt spiders to invade our space. 

  • Usually, these eight-legged creatures seek shelter indoors when the weather is too hot, cold, or wet. 
  • When there is a mating season, spiders will perform a sound ritual. This will attract other mating spiders into your home. 
  • Cracks and gaps give spiders a free pass to enter your home. 
  • These creatures love dark, secluded areas; hence, you will find many spiders in garages and basements. 
  • If your home is prone to pests, it will naturally attract spiders to your home as they live off insects like wasps, termites, etc. 

Hence, if you suspect wasp infestation, it is better to call professional wasp removal in Gold Coast service rather than waiting and inviting spiders to your home. 

Indications of a Spider Infestation in Your Home

There are mainly two types of spider infestation in homes: 

  • Webbing infestation 
  • Crawling infestation 

Common Indications Of Webbing Spiders

As you may already know by its name, webbing spiders create webs. So, when you find webs all over your house, from the nook and crannies of your home to your furniture, you are under attack from these critters. 

Typically, spiders will make their homes in hard-to-find places. So, if you want to find the signs of spider infestation, check the following sites: 

  • Ceiling corners 
  • Under the furniture 
  • Behind doors 
  • Basements 
  • Under the cabinets 

Messy places like attics, crawl spaces, and cluttered areas attract spiders. So, if you have doubts about a spider infestation, thoroughly check these places for webbing. 

Spider infestation doesn’t always occur inside your home; it can also start outside when they make webs and lay eggs in grass, bush, or trees around your home. Spider hatchlings can also make their way into your home, looking for food and setting up their webs. 

Hence, look for webbing inside your home and around the perimeter, as this can signify that a spider infestation is incoming. 

Common Signs Of Crawling Spiders

Now, crawling spiders are usually found crawling on the floor and up along walls and boards. So, when your heart skips a beat looking at these eight-legged creatures crawling on your walls, it is time for you to get spider control in Perth. 

Though most spiders tend to stay out of our sight, any sighting of spiders requires a check for spider infestation. Australia is home to thousands of spider species; hence, a check is necessary to see whether any spiders found on your property are dangerous to your family and pets.

Now, let’s see some steps to avoid spider bites. 

How to Prevent Getting Bitten?

Here are some simple rules you should follow to prevent spider bites:

  • Do not leave any clothes, bedding, or other items on the floor. 
  • Before wearing your shoes, always dust or shake them to remove any insects hiding inside your shoe. 
  • Before you go to sleep, always dust and inspect your bed, sheets, and bed skirts. 
  • Avoid playing with or handling live spiders. 
  • Ensure you seal all your storage items in plastic zip-lock bags to stop spiders from getting in. 
  • Ensure that you reduce the clutter in your basements, store rooms, and attics, as these are ideal hiding places for these creatures. 

DIY Method to Eliminate Spiders

Here are some of the essential home remedies that you can try to eradicate spiders from your property:

  • Instead of white bulbs, use yellow ones to attract fewer insects.
  • Ensure you hose the perimeter of the building regularly. 
  • Remove any eggs or sacs that you find. 
  • Cut any branches of plants that touch the wall. 
  • Seal any gaps, crevices, or cracks in your walls or doors.
  • Ensure you dust and vacuum your inside property regularly. 
  • Regularly look for webs; if you find any, destroy them. 
  • Get rid of firewood in storage boxes, reducing the hiding spots for spiders. 
  • Clean your basements, storage cupboards, attics, and storerooms now and then. 

Apart from these, ensure you get regular termite inspection Sydney property, as these insects, along with wasps, are known to be the primary food source of spiders.