Suppressing Cancer Through Clinical Trials

Statistics show that certain diseases have no exact cure since the researchers do not have the proper medication. Most hospital laboratories and research centers spend a lot of money and time trying to develop new inventions each day. They conduct patient trials that many patients benefit from since there are new medicines on the market. If you have a disease such as cancer with no specific medications, you can be part of a team conducting clinical trials in Flemington and benefit from the new inventions.

The Clinical Trials team of Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC has vast experience in successfully carrying out various clinical research trials. The Clinical Trials team operates within Hunterdon’s active multi-specialty practice and provides the patients with first-hand access to inventions in medical technologies, treatments, and medications. Clinical trials are conducted to identify how helpful and safe specific tests and treatments are. Call or schedule an online appointment to learn if you are a good candidate for the clinical trials.

When you hear the term clinical trial, what does it mean?

What Is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research that identifies a treatment and tests for its effects. These studies are carried out carefully and evaluated to develop the best form of treatment for the public. It is essential to have these trials for health care. A successful clinical trial will apply in future treatments. These trials are necessary because they help avoid using treatments that could cause immediate or long-term harm. A team of specialists carries out the trials through a controlled environment following strict guidelines. Clinical trials are used for:

  • New drugs not approved by FDA
  • Drugs or procedures for symptom relief
  • Use of alternative medicines
  • New ways to give drugs

How Do Clinical Trials Happen?

First, the clinical trial must be approved before it commences. It is a vigorous process that requires more time and money to be carried out. Government agencies and non-profit making organizations usually sponsor the processes. After the approval of the process, the sponsors inject money, and the process begins. The sponsors have a right to review the trial based on its progress. There is also a body that reviews the trials every year to ascertain the progress and success of the trial.

What benefits arise from joining a clinical trial?

The primary reason for joining a clinical trial is to get first-hand access to a new treatment or medication that is not available in the market. It is significantly beneficial if your condition has not improved with the current treatment, and maybe you have other health issues preventing you from using the current treatment.

Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC, has several clinical trials for the following;

  • Oral mucositis in newly diagnosed head and neck cancers
  • Essential thrombocythemia
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Polycythemia vera

If you have the above conditions and you have tried other available treatments without success, make a point of visiting Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC and know if you are a good candidate for the clinical trials. Contact the clinical trial coordinator or schedule your appointment online today.