Surrogacy Agency In Thailand: Important Facts To Know

Surrogacy is controversial, as different people and countries have different views. There’s a surrogate tourism concept, implying the process of traveling to a country to find a surrogate and have a child through gestational surrogacy. The destination depends on the country’s law, the price of the process, and many other factors, but the two we mentioned are the key. 

Many countries in South America and Europe allow foreign citizens to go and use surrogate mothers’ services. Still, more and more people get interested in organizing surrogacy in Thailand, and they had better do it with the World Center of Baby It’s a well-known European surrogacy agency, and if you know nothing about it yet, it’s time to change the situation. 

However, before we introduce our agency to you, we want to mention that Thailand surrogacy laws may seem inappropriate for you. Since 2015, this country has prohibited surrogacy for foreign LGBT couples and the trade of embryos. So, if you’re a gay or lesbian couple, you must choose another destination. In addition, a foreign heterosexual couple should be married for at least 3 years to count on surrogacy in Thailand. If you want to know more information, you must contact the surrogacy experts. 

Where To Get Help With Surrogacy In Thailand?

No matter how much you know about Thailand’s surrogacy laws, you can’t just buy a ticket, go there and start searching for a surrogate mother. World Center of Baby will become the perfect assistant and the best surrogacy agency in Thailand for those who can’t imagine their future without having children. You must be ready to pay much money because the average cost of surrogacy in Thailand is 50,000-60,000$. However, if you compare this sum to the cost of surrogacy in Europe or the USA, you’ll realize it’s cheap enough. 

Moreover, this sum includes the compensation to the gestational surrogate: the process presupposes numerous medical checks in the clinic, prenatal care, birth costs, paperwork, etc. If you find it challenging to understand the surrogacy laws in Thailand, you must contact the World Center of Baby. We know that ordinary people hardly know all the peculiarities of the surrogacy process. Therefore, our experts are always ready to answer any of your questions.

Do you know why our agency is to be trusted? First of all, it’s a vast experience. More than 70 children were born under our control, and 150 people became happy parents. People address us because we know how to create families. We offer several surrogacy packages — you can visit our website and choose a suitable program for you. But we recommend you to appoint a personal consultation and get answers to all your questions there. Don’t worry. The first consultation is free.

Our staff consists of experienced psychologists, medical experts, and surrogacy agents who know everything about surrogacy.