The 10 Best Tooth-Friendly Sweet Treats For Loved Ones

It is impossible to abstain from sweet treats, irrespective of age. 

Therefore, you and your family require at least two dental checkups per year. A good dental hygienist will check for cavities, plaque and tartar buildup, and suggest prudent remedies that foster proper dental health.  

Here are the 10 best sweet treats both children and adults can eat between meals without having to worry about their dental health:

  1. Baby carrots supply vitamins and remove plaque

Small carrots are sweet, rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Their texture helps clean plaque and sugar buildup. If biting into hard foods like baby carrots gives your child toothaches, you need to book an appointment with a good dentist for a checkup and possible fillings immediately.

2. The crunchiness of apple slices removes plaque and tartar

The crunchiness of fresh apples helps in removing plaque buildup. Think of it as an extra brush that shines your teeth, and removes bad breath-causing bacteria effectively.

3. Fruit smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy teeth

Yogurt, berries, apples, and bananas all in one drink. These naturally sweet drinks are rich in calcium, phosphorous, probiotics, and vitamins – everything that makes teeth stronger and healthier. If you want more of these smoothies get the best organic smoothie kit subscription from Blendtopia.

4. Sugarless applesauce is a delectable but healthy sweet treat

Homemade and organic applesauce is rich in natural sugars, but these don’t harm the teeth. It also contains dietary fiber and tons of natural vitamins that boost immunity naturally.

5. Yogurt fights bad breath

If your loved one is not in the mood for something crunchy, treat them to yogurt. Yogurt is great for fighting bacteria that cause halitosis and periodontitis. Adding blueberries, apples, and nuts to the yogurt also increases its nutritional value.

6. Dark chocolate can be your teeth’s friend

As long as the chocolate you pick is dark (70%) and has no added sugar it is a perfect snacking item for adults and children. Make sure it has no caramel and nougat. If your child has dental braces, make sure to consult the child orthodontist before including chocolate in their diet to avoid side effects.

7. Cheese is a tasty treat rich in teeth-building calcium and phosphorous

Although cheese is not technically sweet, many children love cheese (so do adults). It is rich in calcium and phosphorus, and cheese helps in neutralizing the mouth pH. For healthy mouth and gums, you can choose different types of all-organic cheeses.

8. Rice cakes are tasty, crunchy and excellent for dental health

You can make them at home or purchase handmade and organic rice cakes from the grocery store. Stuff the tiny sandwiches with a little cheese for the perfect healthy snack.

9. Bread sticks are the perfect snacking item with the right crunch and fewer calories

Forget unwanted calories and unhealthy chewy treats. Breadsticks can be the perfect snack in between meals for adults and children alike. Couple them with a little unsweetened carrot juice or apple juice for the perfect treat. 

10. Grapes and oranges contain Vitamin C that adjusts mouth pH and combats bacteria

Almost all citrus fruits are good for your overall health including grapes, grapefruit, oranges, and Satsuma. Make sure you cut them in bite-sized pieces your child can manage for their snack time or lunch!

 Watching what your child eats can seem like too much work, but it is a necessary investment for their dental health. Let your child smile with confidence throughout life by offering them sweet treats that don’t harm but foster optimal dental health. 

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