The American Dream Can Be Reality with the Help of Mortgage Expert Eddy Perez

The American Dream of finding success and prospering after hard work is what most people in this beautiful country of opportunity strive for. Many Americans, whether they were born here or immigrated here, are after the American Dream, be it in the form of wealth, property, or a successful career path that brings about abundance. However, without the right tools and knowledge, accessing the American Dream is not as simple as it may seem. Some people feel intimidated by investing money in property or feel they don’t have the funds to do so, so they avoid pursuing their dreams of abundance and success. In reality, the American Dream is within reach for everyone, and with a bit of guidance, people can grasp the dreams they are after.

Mortgage expert Eddy Perez, co-founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based mortgage lending company called Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM), has made it his mission in life to make the American Dream accessible to everyone. Rather than focusing on the American Dream itself, Perez places a focus on the American Gift, which is the ability to become a homeowner. As an American, people have a right to own land, and even if they think they don’t have the funds to do so, with the help of an expert mortgage lender, they can make the American Dream a reality. Perez and his team at Equity Prime Mortgage work hard to ensure buyers are getting mortgage rates suitable to their financial situation and without having to face any hassle.

“The process of working with a mortgage lender can be intimidating and oftentimes confusing, which is why many Americans struggle to pursue the American Dream fully. My company’s goal is to educate people and show them that their dreams may not be as far off as they originally thought,” shared Eddy Perez, CEO and co-founder of Equity Prime Mortgage. “This is why our slogan at EPM is to empower people more. We want to put power back into the hands of the American people. EPM works hard to take the hassle and the stress out of working with a mortgage lender in the process of buying a home.”

Since the company’s launch in 2008, EPM has successfully extended their operations across the United States. Eddy Perez has since been named one of the country’s top mortgage bankers and has been recognized in National Mortgage Professionals Magazine’s “40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals under 40”. Perez’s valiant efforts have helpedthousands of people across the country achieve the American Dream by becoming homeowners. His company’s team of mortgage experts features Certified Underwriters, allowing for quick decision making, as well as a dedicated professional sales and operations staff. Their management team has over 50 years of experience with helping Americans get the mortgage rates they need to succeed as property owners. The American Dream can now easily be made a reality with the help of Eddy Perez and his team of experts at Equity Prime Mortgage.

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