The BEST tools to organize your arts & crafts area for efficiency

When creating the best art projects to give as gifts or use in your home, things can sometimes get a little messy. Whether you have glue everywhere or bits of paper under the table, you need to find ways to stay organized before, during, and after you undertake a time-consuming project. 

To best organize your work area, you need to find tools and accessories that can keep your gear in its proper place. Instead of spending hours and hours searching for the perfect pair of scissors for your next art installation, you can easily find your gear by organizing it beforehand.

Let’s see some of the best organizational tools all artists need to use to continue enjoying creating homemade and personalized art projects from the comfort of their own homes, learn more about it.

The 3 BEST tools to organize your workspace


The DreamBox is an easy way to organize your arts & crafts gear in one spot. Instead of using various cubbies and boxes for different categories of materials, the DreamBox lets you keep everything in one, easy-to-organize space. This mobile room helps hide away all of your arts and crafts, so it doesn’t take away from the room’s decor.

Instead of hiding away your art supplies in the designated ‘art’ room or rec room, you can use the DreamBox in any room in the house. With a natural and stylish design, you don’t have to worry about guests in your home automatically knowing it is a supply closet for art supplies.

Instead, it looks like a rustic, stylish, and beautiful armoire, helping you save space and enhance the decor of the chosen room.  

Small drawers for small materials

Although this may seem like common sense, using small spaces to house small material is an easy way to keep them organized and prevent small materials from moving around in more oversized drawers. Have you ever put small items, like buttons, sewing needles, and spools in a big drawer, only to have them all mix together when you open the drawer?

Prevent disorganization from happening by storing small craft items, whether it be pins, needles, sewing yarn, buttons, or stickers, in small and tiny drawers in your cubbies for storage space.

Utilize wall space

The last method you can use to organize your arts & crafts room is to utilize wall space wherever you can. If you can hang an organizational stand with some small cubbies and hooks above your desk area, this lets you easily store pens, pencils, and office supplies where you most readily need them.

By keeping one specific category of crafts on the wall area, whether it be office supplies or wrapping supplies for presents, you automatically know where it is when you need it, preventing the need to search around your room.


By purchasing one, or all, of the three organizational items for your arts and crafts room, you can utilize space, remain organized, and keep your gear in its specific place. For those who want to buy a stylish item that can be used in any room in the house, the DreamBox is a good choice for you. For those who have designated rooms for arts and crafts, purchasing small drawers and wall-hanging storage spaces are great ways to keep your small knick-knacks in their proper place. 

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