The Complete Bedroom Interior Design Checklist

Have you been browsing through your favorite paint colors, picking out new furniture, looking up how to install removable wallpaper or just flipping through interior design catalogs lately? If so, you might be thinking about redesigning your bedroom. The bedroom is a personal oasis where you want to be able to come and unwind, relax and get refreshed for the day ahead, so having a personalized space is essential. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your child’s room with kids wallpaper or just want your own updated space, this complete checklist can help you make sure you cover all the important interior design aspects that help create beautiful bedrooms.

Incorporate Practical Details Like Ample Storage

Although it’s tempting to focus on aesthetics when it comes to interior design, for spaces like a bedroom that likely need to fulfill multiple roles in your everyday life, it’s important to incorporate functionality into your plans as well. For example, you likely need to store clothing and other items in your bedroom, but also need space for a bed, nightstand and more. As you design your upgraded space, make sure to sneak in ample storage wherever possible. That way, you’ll be able to maximize the space you currently have while disguising stored items as part of a cohesive design. Some clever ways to do this include:

  • Add storage boxes below the bed and conceal them with an elegant bed skirt
  • Add shelves above the bed’s headboard
  • Choose a desk with built-in drawers
  • Add a storage trunk to the end of the bed

Choose a Color Scheme and Furniture Style That Suits the Space

Assuming you don’t knock down any walls or build an extension to your bedroom, you’ll likely have the same four walls to work with and transform into your new oasis. That means it’s all about choosing a furniture style that fits your vision but also fits the space. You can also make a room feel more spacious or relaxing by choosing calming color schemes and matching, for instance, your removable wallpaper with your comforter or couch cushions.

Focus on Details in Overlooked Areas, Like Room Corners and the Ceiling

For the ultimate bedroom space, it’s all about the details! Once you’ve covered major design aspects like the color scheme, furniture and functional storage, it’s time to start filling in awkward gaps, adding in matching décor and more. There are some spaces that don’t get much attention during redesigns, like corners of the room or even the ceiling. You can make the most of those extra spaces by, for instance, adding a small table or a tall plant to empty corners or adding some texture like stucco to your ceiling. Look at it as an opportunity to show off your personal style!

It’s no surprise that having a beautifully upgraded bedroom can provide you with a personal oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. If you’ve been hoping to redo your bedroom or that of a loved one, this streamlined checklist can help walk you through the major interior design steps that work together to bring your dream bedroom to life.