The Ideal Locations to Place Floor Mirrors at Home

 Mirrors are a new rage – the antidote for dull spaces. As a result, they are used in creating modern chic home designs that will leave your visitors hungry for more and you, satisfied with your creation. Whether you’re looking for something to brighten your home – bring in more light or just something that gives you a perfect view of how cute and beautiful you look. FLOOR MIRRORS are the way to go.

Although taller and larger than the regular wall-mounted mirrors, floor-type mirrors are free-standing units often used in bathrooms, bedrooms and general décor of the home. But, you see, these types of mirrors are not meant for only the floors as you originally thought. They can equally fit perfectly on your wall when fixed properly and at the right angle to give you a nice view of the surrounding area.

I hear you asking “what difference would these mirrors make in my home?”, below are a few reasons why you should consider floor-type mirrors as you look forward to creating the home that you can finally be proud of.

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What makes floor mirrors ideal for your home?

Functionally, FLOOR MIRRORS give you your money’s worth and even more. Dressing up for a date or an outing without a mirror to check if you’re properly dressed can deduct points from your self-esteem. 

With the right sized full length mirror in your bedroom right beside your dresser table, you can confirm if your cloth marches your shoe or your shirt is wrinkled before stepping out. However, the functionality is tied to the placement as mirrors placed opposite reflect more light than those placed at dark corners. 

Aesthetically, the right mirrors to fit the perfect design will greatly enhance the overall value of your home. That is not all. For smaller rooms, mirrors and especially floor-type, give off the impression of space – making your rooms appear larger than they already are. Even placing your flower vases, exotic plants, decorative lights, and oriental rugs at strategic points could do wonders with your mirror.
Where you can place floor mirrors at home


Homeowners are increasingly leaning towards placing elegant mirrors in their bedrooms in a bid to create a trendy home in tune with design trends. Placed on closet doors, bedroom doors, and walls, these sensational mirrors give your home the effect of increased space and more illumination – helping you with your aesthetics. However, the placement is often the difference between amazing and regular designs. While placing mirrors on walls facing windows is commonplace, placing them adjacent to your window wall creates almost the same effect. You should try it out. 


Modern chic bathroom designs are not complete without decorative wall mirrors. Just like your kitchen, a lot of magic is created in the bathroom. Placed at the right places like cabinet doors and right beside your bathroom door, these mirrors often create amazing effects that sit well with many homeowners. 

Living Rooms

Unsurprisingly, a bulk of your time is spent in the living room. Either with family members or entertaining friends. While having a good time with your friends in your tastefully furnished sitting room, having a decorative mirror in one corner reflecting your beautiful oriental rug will not be a bad idea. After all, these mirrors give light to dark areas and give your visitors the impression that your living room is larger than it is. You see, there’s a different technique for placing your mirrors in your living rooms. Your less outgoing visitors will not appreciate your mirrors directly facing them so ensure they are placed at angles or hanged to avoid making them feel uncomfortable. 


Your hallway is another perfect place to showcase your amazing large wall mirror. And mirrors in your hallway don’t have to be decorative as simple mirrors with little or no aesthetic designs will do the magic.

Where such standing mirrors should not be used

Mirrors in Direct Sunlight

Only plants are capable of surviving under constant sunlight because they need it to grow and flourish. Your mirrors don’t. Placing your mirrors in direct sunlight for long periods can make them dull thereby reducing their reflective qualities. Such mirrors should be placed at spots not directly under sunlight but at an angle to still catch the reflection of the sun.

Overexposure to Moisture 

You must be careful in placing mirrors where they could get wet. Likely places are bathrooms and places with high moisture levels. When it repeatedly comes in contact with moisture, it leaves black spots and dark stains that will eventually spoil the view. You wouldn’t want a spotted FLOOR MIRROR hanging on the wall of your bathroom or kitchen. Other than these two, your mirror could practically stay anywhere.