The Plot of Chapter 1 in “The Mistress Runs Away ch 1”

The Mistress Runs Away” is a popular novel series that has garnered a huge following due to its compelling storyline and relatable characters. In this article, we will be exploring the first chapter of the series, titled “The Mistress Runs Away ch 1”.

Chapter Summary

“The Mistress Runs Away,” Xia Rou is the protagonist who is married to Huo Yunting, a wealthy and abusive man. Xia Rou is determined to start a new life but knows that leaving her husband will not be easy. She reaches out to her friend, Liang Yifan, who agrees to help her with her plan to escape.

Xia Rou makes careful preparations for her escape, including secretly withdrawing money from her husband’s account and packing her belongings. She knows that to avoid getting caught by her husband, she must leave without a trace. Finally, she manages to make her escape with the help of her friend, but not before she leaves a note for her husband telling him that she is leaving.

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Main Characters

Xia Rou, the main character of the series, has the determination to leave her abusive husband and start a new life.

Huo Yunting – Xia Rou’s husband, a wealthy and abusive man who treats Xia Rou cruelly.

Liang Yifan – Xia Rou’s friend who helps her with her escape plan.


How many chapters are there in “The Mistress Runs Away”?

  1. The series consists of 380 chapters in total.

Is the series complete?

  1. Yes, the series is complete, and all the chapters are available to read online.

Is “The Mistress Runs Away” suitable for all ages?

  1. No, the series is not suitable for young children, as it deals with mature themes such as abuse and violence.


The Mistress Runs Away ch 1″ sets the tone for the rest of the series and introduces us to the central characters. Xia Rou’s determination to leave her abusive husband is a compelling plotline that draws readers in and keeps them engaged. Xia Rou escapes her husband and starts afresh with Liang Yifan’s aid, in “The Mistress Runs Away” series. The Mistress Runs Away” for its exploration of domestic abuse, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit. New readers will find the series’ first chapter an excellent introduction to the plot and characters.