The Pros And Cons Of Using Homework Help Solutions

Students have access to a variety of homework help solutions. Using homework help can be a double-edged sword, so students must carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of getting help in completing homework. This article covers the various options for homework help solutions, and the pros and cons of using them.

Which kinds of homework help solutions are available?

Some of the most common homework help solutions involve private tutors or writers offering services such as assignment writing or other direct support in completing homework. These tutors don’t always have to be accredited, and it is up to you to research them through LinkedIn or via online reviews to see how reputable they are.

Other tutors offer a more collaborative approach to homework help, coaching students and mentoring them, thus enabling them to complete their own homework, with a little guidance. Another frequently used resource are websites offering information or solutions which can be read or used to supplement homework. Here, there is no direct tutor or support. Instead, this is readable information which can be used by students independently. Again, if you use such websites then you must verify sources and information before going ahead and using it in your work.

Pro one: Saving time.

Student life can often be busy, crammed with deadlines and, during higher education, often needing to be balanced with the need to take a job to fund tuition. Using homework help solutions can help you manage your time, and if you’re in a pinch with many things due at once, remove some of this pressure.

Pro two: Obtaining a professional touch.

If you are fine with the content but just require a helping hand formatting or crafting polished assignments, using a homework writer might be the way to go. These writers can either draft homework from scratch or format existing documents, ensure they are grammatically correct and beautifully written, as well as assisting with referencing and other technical details.

Pro three: Benefiting from outside expertise.

Using homework help solutions can also allow you to benefit from industry or subject matter experts who will positively contribute to your assignments. They can either help with writing homework assignments, or coach you in support of you writing your own as well as assist in furthering your knowledge.

Con one: Risk of plagiarism.

One of the most dangerous disadvantages to using homework help solutions is that less scrupulous writers will simply plagiarise assignments to make fast money. Seeing as many educational institutions run essays through plagiarism tools, the risk here is your work being discovered as fraudulent, potentially leading to you receiving disciplinary sanctions.

Con two: Not all homework help solutions will offer a good quality of service.

Plagiarism isn’t the only drawback of some homework help solutions. Lower quality tutors, coaches or writers will be cheaper but possibly provide less services such as fewer proofreads, limited research or simply a lower level of knowledge or expertise. With homework help solutions, things are very much a case of ‘getting what you pay for’.

Con three: Lack of personal and professional development.

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments for considering whether you really need to use homework help solutions is that hiring someone to write assignments or do research means that you will not benefit from the learning. This can knock on to future studies or exams, and in extreme cases, leave you falling behind in the long term, all for the attraction of short-term gain.


Students wishing or needing to use homework help must be aware of the pros and cons of doing so. Using homework help solutions can often be necessary and if used in the right way for the right reasons, are a perfectly legitimate form of support during school, college or university, and potentially good ways to support your studies.