The Qualities of a Good Plastic Surgeon

Are you planning to opt-in for plastic surgery? If yes, then there is nothing more essential than choosing the correct plastic surgeon who will take good care of you. And this article can help you in doing so. 

Many people get tensed about plastic surgery because they don’t know a plastic surgeon whom they can trust. Hence, it is necessary to come across and finalize a surgeon who is ideal for you. If you want you can read more about Haruko Okada and arrive at an informed decision. 

That is not all! It would help if you also did your homework. You can check the online reviews to gain an idea about the best plastic surgeons. Make sure to consult the surgeon before you say yes to the surgery. Here you can place your queries and get the required data that will help you to decide well. 

Here are some of the essential traits of an expert surgeon

1. The plastic surgeon should have the required certificate

It might appear apparent, but there are several practitioners out there who don’t have board certification. It is essential to know that the surgeons don’t need to get certified in all processes that they are advertising for. It means that a general surgeon or a family doctor can choose to be a plastic surgeon without added training. Hence, you must do your research. 

2. The surgeon should be a professional

Several plastic surgeons have a complete menu of cosmetic services which they provide to clients. Hence, you will come across everything from chemical peels to rhinoplasty in a single clinic. Hence, it is essential to consider the correct procedure you are opting in for. 

For example, if you are opting in for rhinoplasty, it will not help if you consult an acne scar specialist. The procedures are different. They fall into the same category of cosmetic services. However, when it is about rhinoplasty, you need to choose a professional. 

And when you get a specialist, it’s only fair to ask about their expertise and experience in that field. It will allow you to know more about your surgeon, which will add to your confidence. 

3. The plastic surgeon should be empathetic

Can you conjecture anything worse than opting in for life-changing plastic surgery and feeling that your surgeon doesn’t care about the outcome or you? Also, what if there are complications and there is a need for a touch-up surgery after the operation. It is necessary to feel safe and comfortable with your practitioner. A few things that you should check out during the consultation are:

  • Your practitioner is a good listener. 
  • Your practitioner understands your objective behind the surgery. 
  • You can depend on your practitioner with your gut feel. 

It is essential to remember that you aren’t the only one who is selecting a surgeon. In fact, your plastic surgeon is also choosing you. A good doctor and surgeon will also decide whether you are a proper candidate for your cosmetic procedure. And it would help if you also had a good understanding and connection for developing trust in your plastic surgeon.

During the consultation, you must be able to ask any question. Make sure that you are at ease with your doctor and share all information regarding your health history for ensuring good outcomes after the operation. It is necessary to consult a surgeon who is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) or American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). These are the best certification boards in the world, with stringent guidelines for education and training, residency requirements, practice guidelines, peer review process etc. Hence, you will be able to know about your surgeon’s medical credentials.

It is also necessary to gather information if your doctor is having good reviews online. It would help if you asked for information about the doctor and his practice from friends and family members. It is necessary to know if your friend had a cosmetic surgery with their doctor without experiencing complications after the operation. Choose a surgeon who you feel connected with because it would help in asking important questions to your doctor or practitioner.

It is essential to consider finding out information by yourself before choosing a plastic surgeon. You can check out for any of these details:

  •       Medical Board License 
  •       The type of procedures he/she offers 
  •       Their experience and training 
  •       Type of hospital where the surgeon operates- private or public? 

There are many doctors who work in a hospital and offer procedure rooms in their clinics too. Thus, it is necessary to know if your doctor works in a hospital or clinic. This will help you judge the type of medical facilities that are available with your surgeon.


Choosing the right plastic surgeon is necessary for ensuring good outcomes after cosmetic surgery. It is important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon because they have completed extensive education and training in their field. Furthermore, it is also necessary to know if your doctor is having good reviews online and whether or not he/she belongs to any professional organizations.